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  1. landcrusher80

    Official 80 Series Manual Transmission Club Thread

    wrecking yard
  2. landcrusher80

    HDJ81 Floor Mats?

    Dash Mat
  3. landcrusher80

    Need Part Number: JDM Electric Winch Level

    NLA in Japan. Get it here TOYOTA LEVER, WITCH CL | 38221-60181
  4. landcrusher80

    BEB 1HDT Taiho Kogyo Con - Rod Bearings

    Any links of where to buy NDC bearings?
  5. landcrusher80

    HDJ81 Smoking in Reverse + Fuel Economy seems low

    Valve check and adjustment followed by the adjustment of the injection timing
  6. landcrusher80

    For Sale JDM Tool pouch

    Still available
  7. landcrusher80

    SOLD OEM Floor Mats for HDJ81

  8. landcrusher80

    SOLD Toyota WINCH CONTROL SWITCH #38640-35010

    Let me check
  9. landcrusher80

    For Sale  JDM Tool pouch

    80 series JDM tool pouch "BOX, WARNING REFLECTOR #74797-60010" Delivered to the US via Japan Post EMS $56.00
  10. landcrusher80


    Post here Kevin:
  11. landcrusher80

    SOLD Toyota WINCH CONTROL SWITCH #38640-35010

    Yes of course Will PM you
  12. landcrusher80

    Toyota Valve set tool alternative?

    Any pics of the modified tool?
  13. landcrusher80

    Shopping for an Japan

    Would recommend a 8/1993 or newer with all the all the improvements over the previous models from 10/89 - 7/92 Medium-term type: 1992.8 ~ 1995.1 changes: · Brake reinforcement (15inch → 16inch) · AT electronic control · Improved stability 4cm car height down · Side door · High mount stop...
  14. landcrusher80

    Shopping for an Japan

    You are looking at a HZJ81V. HZJ81V -- No turbo HDJ81V -- Turbo
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