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  1. RobW0

    RW vs ICON wheels

    The center cap on the Rebound is held on by screws. Two of the screws on the outside edge of the center cap are real. If you try and turn the plastic fake ones they break off.
  2. RobW0

    RW vs ICON wheels

    Always thought it was strange that they made the 6 speed 117 and all the others 110.
  3. RobW0


    I have seen it for gas but I don't eat a lot of beef or bacon so I have not seen much increase in my food bill. Not sure how this is 200 tech.
  4. RobW0

    RW vs ICON wheels

  5. RobW0

    Engine Bay Fuse Box Decoder Ring

    Take a multi meter or a test light probe and see which fuses are active and which are not when the car is off. Then start the car and test the ones that where off when the car was off. These are the ones you can use to only power on when the ignition is on.
  6. RobW0

    200 favorite Rock Sliders

    I think most people are talking about the original 200 Slee sliders. I have the original Slee sliders for my 200 and have a hard time seeing how they would break. I am sure it is possible, but I don't see me taking my 200 on that trail. I have hit them hard in Moab and Colorado and should do...
  7. RobW0

    Anyone install an ARB LX100 controller?

    I have been happy with the system other than the problem I mentioned earlier. I have not used it for airbags but i do use it with my air compressor. it works great for the airing down and up of the tires. I just added the Solis lights too my front bumper and it will allow me to set different...
  8. RobW0

    TJM T13 Bull bar installed - Lots of pics

    If you have a 2016+, everything works but the camera is blocked some. I have not done it yet but will be looking at relocating the camera on my 2016+ T13 soon.
  9. RobW0

    Cracked windshield

    If it is repairable I would do that. I took a rock back in April and was lucky enough that it was repairable. I have a hard time finding the spot now.
  10. RobW0

    Events/Trails LCDC 7 - Summer 2021 Official Thread

    i think the gray one has a prototype bumper on it and the white one has the final version of the bumper on it.
  11. RobW0

    Anyone install an ARB LX100 controller?

    They do make a mount for the screen. I have that mount, but decided to do a Ram ball mount instead of drilling into the pillar for their mount. I have been happy so far with this mount but have not ruled out using the other mount in the future.
  12. RobW0

    Anyone install an ARB LX100 controller?

    I have been using the system for almost two years now. What specific questions do you have? I have been happy with the system so far other than the Android phone operating system got some type of malware last month. It took ARB a little while to figure it out. They just sent out an email about...
  13. RobW0

    Locking the doors for secure sleeping in 200 Series

    Put the key in something like this.
  14. RobW0

    2020 200 Series Battery Cable Extension

    Wow $75 for just the pos terminal. I thought it was a lot of money when I got the billet +/- terminals.
  15. RobW0

    Bull Bar Crash Engineering

    No change in wind noise. Obviously it did handle a bit different than before I put it on. Feels normal now that I am adjusted to how it feels.
  16. RobW0

    Kaon Roof Shelf...

    Load rating on the shelf is 10kg. The shipping wt on the oven is 5.5kg. Looks like it would be ok.
  17. RobW0

    Bull Bar Crash Engineering

    Here is a interesting article on TJM bumper development. How a bull bar is made...from concept to the front of your 4x4 - MotoFomo -
  18. RobW0

    Kaon Roof Shelf...

    I got and email from Kaon this morning that had this option that could be added to the shelf. Travel Buddy 12V Marine Oven - Not sure how I feel about having something hanging in the back of my 200 that can get 375 deg F. The smell of fresh...
  19. RobW0

    Locating ARB compressor in the rear (and other rabbit holes related to on board air)

    This said in a non confrontational way, I guess you have it all figured out.
  20. RobW0

    Locating ARB compressor in the rear (and other rabbit holes related to on board air)

    There are some out there that think the reason for early compressor failure is because of back pressure on the compressor when only filling one tire at a time. It is felt that the limiting factor is the tire valve. It can only take a small potion of what a dual compressor can deliver. By filling...
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