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  1. jpsfj60

    FJ60 windshield leak, any suggestions?

    Why didn't you use a factory windshield gasket? Doesn't landcruiserparts in NH have any more stock ones left? I used one from them without the chrome strip insert and it worked with no leaks. Did not use any of those products mentioned above either. Good Luck!
  2. jpsfj60

    Advice On This HJ60 That's For Sale

    Sorry wrong 60's Forum. Will move it over to the diesel Forum.
  3. jpsfj60

    Advice On This HJ60 That's For Sale SO what do you think about this Green Machine? Those decals are not real nor stock. They where painted on. Don't know much about these HJ's so I thought I would ask.
  4. jpsfj60

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    I want one of these racks Jason and another set of sliders just like you made for me before. I will send you a PM.
  5. jpsfj60

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Jason, Can I put this new rack on my 60 without removing the stock rack that is on my 60 already?
  6. jpsfj60

    Help putting a price on my 60

    I would love to see some pictures of this 60 Please!! So what is going to be your asking price for this rig? If price is right I want her..
  7. jpsfj60

    Clutch Master...rebuild or replace?

    Replace both. Not sure if the master is still available from the dealership anymore. I did both and a Toyota slave cylinder line also.. Best thing I ever did.
  8. jpsfj60

    Radiator caps

    So the dates are the difference??
  9. jpsfj60

    Middle Eastern Fog Lamps

    I want a FJ60 from Dubai!!!!
  10. jpsfj60

    What's my 60 worth?

    Wow what a thread!!
  11. jpsfj60

    OME lift question

    If your springs are old and worn out and not holding anymore arch then we recommend a new pair. In our experience sending them down to the plant to be re arched always causes a problem and a unhappy customer. The springs just go back to sagging or causing a terrible ride for the customer...
  12. jpsfj60

    OME lift question

    Sorry FISHTOWN but springs cant be re arched. That's not the way to fix a suspension problem. I run the suspension department at my work and that's not the way to fix a sagging problem!!! Man up and spend the $$$!!!
  13. jpsfj60

    OME lift question

    Just get a new lift kit from Kurt!
  14. jpsfj60

    OME lift question

    Call Kurt!!! Cruiser Outfitters - 8859 South 1275 East, Sandy, UT 84094 - (801) 563-1277
  15. jpsfj60

    Show Me Your Crack.

    Holy crap! I hope I don't see this when I pull my head off for a rebuild!
  16. jpsfj60

    Any input on heat-shrink style hose clamps?

    I must have these SS clamps. Have so I must have these SS clamps. SO glad you posted this. Never saw this on ebay and I just got a new license plate light assembly from this seller.
  17. jpsfj60

    Wheels that work, part numbers

    That's it this picture has made my mind up. I am ordering 5 of these instead of 5 split rims from my buddies Saudi FJ45! Can't wait to get these on my 60 with some new Toyo sneakers.
  18. jpsfj60

    16in. Split Rim Question

    No clips for 40 hubcaps. I would have to weld them onto the rims if I want to use FJ40 hubcaps. Not sure if I am going to get these rims. Don't want to deal with the rubber tubes and other piece of rubber that i need.
  19. jpsfj60

    16in. Split Rim Question

    Landpimper help me out here. What is the correct answer? Going to take a break working on my 60 and go next store and take a look at these rims. I guess I will look for those clips.
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