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  1. Kazmanff

    Costco wireless rearview camera install

    I picked up the wireless rearview camera that Costco had for $85 the other day. While deciding where to mount the receiver/screen, I felt a more permanent install would be nice. I figured I could finally contribute something to this fine site by doing a write up of the install. Forgive me if...
  2. Kazmanff

    New J's & Toyo's

    Just installed my new OME lift. Went with J springs F&R with Mr. G's up front to keep it level and a set of 285/75-16 Toyo Open Country M/Ts :bounce: . Did the lift at the auto shop on base, so I had a full compliment of tools, a lift, and a press for the bushings. All in all I call it a...
  3. Kazmanff

    Lurker no more!

    Hey everyone! Thought I would finally stop lurking and introduce myself and the 80. Picked it up a month or so ago and have been lurkin around here in order to absorb all the knowledge I could. So far i've learned a lot and hope to learn more from ya. As far as the LX goes it's bone stock at...
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