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  1. jefo13

    1" Bora Spacer Install

    Thanks for sharing this, can you confirm this is with stock oem wheels? did they still cause rubbing? what size tires?
  2. jefo13

    Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Integration Module (MY16-17)

    Never mind you are right, looks like 2008-2013 is different
  3. jefo13

    Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Integration Module (MY16-17)

    That’s a weird response when it’s already listed in their website…
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  5. jefo13

    Canvasback Rear Cargo Liners installed (w/ pics)

    Thanks for this, I ordered the hatch cover for $35!!
  6. jefo13

    Cracked windshield

    The day I bought my LC I had the same experience, right at 6 o’clock on the driver’s side - A year later same thing, passenger side. Safelite fixed both, they are visible but they have held up for 4 years.
  7. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    here is the new Bilstein Heavy Spring
  8. jefo13

    Replace with OEM Shocks??

    Depends on $$ I have a set of 4 OEM with about 40k on them PM me if you want them cheap
  9. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    I will be towing a trailer with furniture next week, I will make sure to measure and take pictures
  10. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    Here are some pictures Perch 3 with 2721 21.5" Front and 22.5" rear (new springs, I'll report if they settle overtime) 3rd row seats. Tires are Duratrac 275/70-18 Picture angles change perspective... before
  11. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    Well, after a year of watching so many cool rigs go higher I pulled the trigger and got 2721 springs - thanks @sherman for the springs! I set the front on the third perch… and of course I’m happy with the look but I was shocked about how much better the rear handles than stock, I was expecting...
  12. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    Those prices are good! Also, looks like a 400Lb 1.5" rear spring is out now... 53-297686
  13. jefo13

    What're people using to reattach the inner splash shields on when doing front suspensions?

    What are the part numbers for the actual splash shields?
  14. jefo13

    Old Man Emu Lift Issues In Rear

    Never mind found answer A passenger
  15. jefo13

    2721 springs
  16. jefo13

    BP-51 Kits available

    So while we are at it, Which side do A & B rear springs go?
  17. jefo13

    Old Man Emu Lift Issues In Rear

    What was the verdict of A vs B?
  18. jefo13

    2721 springs

    Which side does the A and B springs go?
  19. jefo13

    Walmart Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts and tire falls off Going 35mph

    I have the original shocks from my 200 with about 40,000 miles. PM me if you are interested to buy them
  20. jefo13

    Rear hatchback light replacement

    Not to hijack, but I am also looking for this except the lamp next to it, corner one… Hopefully the source to this answer is the same
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