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  1. ranchdawg

    Cut Fenders

    I will be interested to see how these fit when you get them. My fenders are cut similar to yours @umpqua and I wasn’t sure if those patches were gonna be tall enough to bridge the gap. Keep us posted.
  2. ranchdawg

    Icon Jump Seats

    Saw during my nightly reading...
  3. ranchdawg

    SOLD Center Console - MD

    I'll take it. Shipping to 95219
  4. ranchdawg

    SOLD FJ40 - Valve Cover

    I will take the hook and both triangles. Shipping to 95219.
  5. ranchdawg

    For Sale FJ40 front tow hooks $10 each

    Check your pm
  6. ranchdawg

    For Sale FJ40 front tow hooks $10 each

    I'll take them both. Shipping to 95219.
  7. ranchdawg

    Rear cross member

    Saw this the other day surfing the web,
  8. ranchdawg

    For Sale Arizona-1977 FJ40 short jump seats in good condition

    Put me next in line if something doesn't work out.
  9. ranchdawg

    Width between corner channels 1975 40

    I've got a '75 and I'm measuring 40 3/4 and 41 5/8.
  10. ranchdawg

    2F serial number info...

    06/1975 frame - 201247 engine - 2f008202
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