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  1. Trist

    Wanted  Atlanta/St. Louis: 2000-2002 Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Differential

    I just blew the front diff in my 01 100 series. Looking for a working carrier with 4.30 gears from an 00-02 100 series. The most convenient locations for me would be Atlanta, St. Louis or Birmingham, but if you are in the southeast or midwest that could also work. I do not check MUD often so it...
  2. Trist

    For Sale  New 18'' OEM Tundra Steelies (Atlanta-GA)

    $200 Brand new set of four, 18'' Tundra steel wheels (5x150 bolt patten) with center caps. They will also fit on a 100 series cruiser and maybe a Sequoia? The reason for selling is that I was planning on having two sets of wheels (one for road use/light off road and one for hard wheeling), but...
  3. Trist

    2001 UZJ100 Build

    After being an active member on the forum for around two years and building up the cruiser enough to start a build thread, here I am. She is a 2001 with 204,XXX in the silver color, I believe it is known as champagne silver or something along those lines. My dad bought her new in 2001 and I’ve...
  4. Trist

    Unnecessary Service?

    I was at the dealership today just to get a new key, but had them take a look at the bushings for me and this is what they said needed to be done. At first glance the sheet was horrifying. When I got home I hopped under the car and saw that the rack really needed to be replaced, did not know...
  5. Trist

    100 into a 200? Any Regrets?

    I have the potential of giving my 2001 100 series with 190k to my younger brother and getting my mom's 2008 200 with 200k miles, but it has a leaky diff, has a number of bad dents and is in the teal blue color. My Hundy has sliders, a Slee Blueberry, A/T Tires, and some cosmetic enhancements. I...
  6. Trist

    Trade 100 for 200?

    I have a 2001 Cruiser with 190k miles that is mildly built with sliders, at tires, Slee Blueberry and some cosmetic changes. My mom has a 2008 200 with 200k miles that is completely stock. Should I trade and start a 200 build or continue building my hundy? I am in a dilemma. Also hers is in the...
  7. Trist


    This is my first post to the main hundy thread so please bear with me. I am getting a lot of vibrations in the steering wheel when I hit minor bumps, rocks and potholes. Should I replace my steering rack bushings or what are the possible problems. Also there are a lot of vibrations at highway...
  8. Trist

    First Time Wheeling at Adventure Off-Road Park

    I recently took my cruiser's virginity when I went out to Adventure Off-Road park about thirty minutes away from my college in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. It was a blast, but I also learned some valuable lessons :eek:. I was very pleased with my new Slee Step Sliders. I wish that I could make it...
  9. Trist

    Wanted  100 Series Sliders

    I am looking for a pair of discounted new sliders or used sliders in good condition for a 100 Series Land Cruiser. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia. You can PM me on Mud or contact me by email at Thanks, Tristan
  10. Trist

    For Sale  100 Series Bilstein shocks for sale ATL, Georgia

    I am selling a set of 4 Bilstein shocks that I bought off of MUD a while ago, but I am not going to be putting them on the hundy. The previous owner said that they had around 3000 miles on them. Here is a link to the first listing For Sale: - 100 Series Bilstein Shocks . Like the first owner...
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