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  1. Surftruck

    Front End "Thunk" 1990 FJ62

    Hi All, Started getting a "thunk"/"knock" when turning left while simultaneously going over a bump. Sometimes it does it going straight going over a large rut/bump at speed. I have not had a chance to get under the truck to take a look but I figured, as always, there is usually a "most common"...
  2. Surftruck

    FJ62 4Lo shifter stuck in place

    Hey, 4 Hi engages fine via button on dash. 4 low shifter seems to be stuck in place, I am afraid to force it and severely damage something. Can not engage 4 low. Have not had time to get in there and look around. Figured it was worth reaching out to see if this is a common issue before I start...
  3. Surftruck

    FJ Mechanic Recomendation for Boston Area

    Hey, Just wanted to throw a recommendation out there for any FJ owners looking for a mechanic in the Boston area. Volsar Automotive in Medford is a great shop to work with. Eddy has alot of experience with FJ40/60/62/80s and has built several from the ground up. Very responsive, great guys.
  4. Surftruck

    Help finding Transmission output shaft seal!

    Hey all, I have a blown transmission output shaft seal. I am pushing ATF into my transfer case and need to replace the seal. Should be a $20-$30 part but I can only find complete rebuild kits. Any leads or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Surftruck

    "Party Trick" Instructional

    All, I am beginning to have some issues with engaging D and R when cold. Nothing drastic, but every now and then there is a hesitation before the gear catches. I am driving a 1990 FJ62 with 148k on the stock tranny. I am doing an ATF drain and fill this week, but have been researching other...
  6. Surftruck

    FJ62 Fuel Smell in cabin after sitting...any ideas?

    So I am having what appears to be a pretty common issue with my FJ62. When the truck is parked a fuel odor builds up in the cabin. I cant seem to find the source. Whats interesting is, as soon as I start it, whether I drive anywhere or not, the smell clears out. I pulled the passenger side...
  7. Surftruck

    Boston Based FJ62

    Hey, Wanted to introduce myself. Just bought this FJ62 from an owner in NY. Currently it is registered in MA but parked, I have not taken it for inspection yet. I am concerned about failing, and want to address any potential issues first....(Ideally I find a shop that is lenient on 26 year old...
  8. Surftruck

    Boston FJ62- Rust/MA inspection

    Hey Just picked up a 1990 fj62. Runs strong, drives great. Has typical rust, and is sporting a palm size hole in the rear quarter panel, at the bottom corner by the wheel well. 2 part question, I have already searched the forum..... 1) Anyone have any experience passing MA inspection with some...
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