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  1. DirtNap

    Need trail comm advice

    Thanks for posting that, DharmaDude. I was unaware that the FCC no longer requires a license for GMRS under 2W power.
  2. DirtNap

    Fender mount - cable routing

    Hey all, Bear with me here. I am thinking about a fender-mounted antenna for HAM on my 200-series, and wondering how you typically route the cable. The panel gap between the hood and the fender on the 200-series is amazingly tight -- like on the order of 1/8"/0.125". With even the thinner RG-58...
  3. DirtNap

    Tell me if I'm missing anything

    Thanks for the advice. I'll ask him if they are 200-friendly.
  4. DirtNap

    Do I need to get a Licence to operate my ham radio?

    deleted - upon a second reading, it was not nearly as funny as I thought it was when I wrote it!
  5. DirtNap

    Tell me if I'm missing anything

    Please report back on your experience -- I have been looking at nearly that exact set up with the 75-822 and 4' Firefly on the hood (probably on mag mount). Planning on taking HAM test in a month, but think I might still need CB for situations like you describe.
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