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  1. YotaJosh

    Rig of the Bi-Week Via Gittinit

    I can relate to that, for sure.
  2. YotaJosh

    Rig of the Bi-Week Via Gittinit

    Awesome! I love the look and stance it so far. Build another bare chassis and someone might buy it from you. ;)
  3. YotaJosh

    83' mini truck rear disk drake swap

    To answer the OP's question, Summit Racing has all the adapters and -3AN stainless hoses you need to make nearly any length of brake line. Here's the -3 to 10mm male/male adapter that works on the calipers: Here's the -3 to 10mm male/female...
  4. YotaJosh

    New to the forum

    Your truck is begging for a 4WD grill and bezels. ;) Looking good by the way!
  5. YotaJosh

    Differences of a 20R 22R and 22RE

    One thing to pay attention to is block height. More info:
  6. YotaJosh

    82 Trailblazer project!!

    Cool. I saw this truck on CL and was hoping someone with a little knowledge knew what it is so that it doesn't get hacked up.
  7. YotaJosh

    22RE help...

    Check your AFM. The relay you hear clicking is probably the Circuit Opening relay, which is activated by the AFM and the starter signal. Toyota 22RE Air Flow Meter (AFM) Toyota 4Runner and Pickup: Cheap Tricks
  8. YotaJosh

    tbi starting problems

    Did you connect your starter signal wire? If you didn't, then how does the ECM know you are cranking, and to start firing the injectors?
  9. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    It's a diagnostic wire. When you connect it to constant 12v power, it engages the relay so the fuel pump will run regardless of key position or ECM. It's used to test the fuel pump. The ECM only runs the pump for 2 seconds on key up until you start it. Cliff notes: you can ignore it. :)
  10. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    Answer is in the attachment on post #2. It's the purple/white wire that goes from the ECM - pin C9, to the starter engage wire.
  11. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    My truck is older (79-83) so I don't have the large fusebox under the hood, so mine is tied to an engine fuse (20a) under the dash. The 80a one might work for you. Any 12v source that stays hot when cranking is fine for this. If it turns off during cranking (like accessories, radio, etc), then...
  12. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    You don't have to run the wire all the way down to the starter. You could find the crank wire in the Toyota harness in the dash and tap into it there. The cranking signal is what tells the ECM to start firing injectors, turn on the fuel pump, and set the base timing so the engine will start...
  13. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    The only wires I have tied from Toyota to GM are... -12v fused constant from battery to system relay for main system power -12v switched from Toyota fuse box - Engine fuse is good for this. This will activate the relay named above -White Tach wire from coil to black wire where Toyota...
  14. YotaJosh

    help with toy truck tbi

    Find a junkyard (or even ebay), find a truck with the same motor, and buy the entire wiring harness from it. You'll be better off than trying to figure out how to marry that Painless harness with stock GM wiring with Toyota wiring, etc, etc. Or, find a good wiring diagram and trace them out...
  15. YotaJosh

    Vented rotors on a PRE 81 PU

    Early mini truck hubs used 6 bolts to attach the rotor to it, and the wheel studs remained untouched. Late mini truck hubs used 2 bolts, and all 6 wheel studs pressed through the rotor into the hub. The late model rotors (2 bolt + 6 stud holes) are cheaper than the early ones, so I've...
  16. YotaJosh

    Rear axle seal replacement

    Nope, bought better ones from Marlin Crawler. :p Special Fit Rear Axle Seal | Marlin Crawler, Inc.
  17. YotaJosh

    Project 20RE: Junkyard fuel injection with TBI

    Here's all I know about 2.5 + turbo TBI: Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board - View Single Post - 22r to tbi? Oh yeah, which years/cars does that come off of?
  18. YotaJosh

    ROTM: YotaJosh's '79 Shortbed

    Yep, I was at the 2010 Jambo (man it was sloppy, and the trails were in bad shape). Unsure about going back for 2011 though - might be saving my TX trip for the Roundup in March. I can burn you a chip if you send me a blank one in return for the one I'd be sending you. has them for...
  19. YotaJosh

    Project 20RE: Junkyard fuel injection with TBI

    Just fine, as long as you don't have too radical of a cam that might screw with the vacuum, but even then you can tweak the ECM to compensate for that. My next motor will be a 20/22R Cam'd Hybrid, so if you wait long enough, I might have the tuning done by then. ;) Glad to hear yours is still...
  20. YotaJosh

    ROTM: YotaJosh's '79 Shortbed

    Wheeling, and more wheeling. I'm behind in my wheeling quota. :D Honestly, it's as done as I really want to make it. I don't plan on linking it, exo'ing it, or cutting it up any than I alreadly have. One of these days I plan on using that 22R I got from you to build a 20R/22R hybrid.
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