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  1. Herb

    Wanted  Front Door Strikers for a 1974 FJ40

    Lost mine.....DOH!
  2. Herb

    MUDShip  FJ40 doors from DC to St. Paul, MN

    Hello Mudders. Looking for someone to haul a set of FJ40 doors from DC to St. Paul, MN. Anybody got that kind of room and want to help?
  3. Herb

    SOLD  NOVA, 1975 FJ40 Doors

    I have a nice set of doors with new bottom patch panels that need to be finished. Front panels are welded in, and rear panels are tacked in place. I was tinkering with how to finish the rear sections when I found a set of full early doors that fit my needs better. So, these are for sale...
  4. Herb

    Wanted  Bestop full soft doors

    LMK what you have! Thanks Doug
  5. Herb

    Wanted  Soft Top and soft doors

    ..for my 1975 FJ40. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Doug
  6. Herb

    Need a Skid Plate

    My 1975 FJ40, V8, 4sp is missing a skid plate. Does anyone have one locally that they'd like to unload? I'm fine with running spacers to get it to work with the V8.
  7. Herb

    For Sale  Bestop Tigertop Soft Top for FJ40

    I have a Bestop Tigertop available for sale. Great condition, with only one small tear (quarter size) in the middle of the top. All zippers, snaps are in near perfect condition. All plastic is clear and in great shape. Have all hardware. I'm thinking $400, plus shipping from 22039. It all...
  8. Herb

    For Sale  FJ40 Rear Heater and Pipes - Virginia

    I have a good rear heater assembly and pipes from my 1975 FJ40. No leaks. $150 plus shipping. The fan motor is wonky, it works sometimes but then quits. New motors are available for $50.
  9. Herb

    Wanted  FJ40 rear heater cover clips

    I'm searching high and low for these clips. Please let me know if you have some available. Thanks! Doug
  10. Herb

    Fj62 exhaust downpipes

    Does anyone out there have a set in good condition that they would like to sell?
  11. Herb

    CLCC Tech Day - 3rd Member

    You guys remember this? The club worked together on a tech day to replace the 3rd member on my 1971 FJ40. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The club was such a big help in getting my broken junk fixed up. I think these vids are useful to anyone needing...
  12. Herb

    Check out the new ride!

    I've been away for a while after selling the 40. Glad to be back and hope to get more involved.
  13. Herb

    Need 1 32x11.50

    Hi guys, I still have cruiser parts in my I hope that still qualifies me to lurk here... I am in need of one 32 x11.5 tire for a spare. Anybody have one? Doug
  14. Herb

    1980 FJ40 on CL

    If I had money, this thing would be MINE! 1980 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 Somebody go get it, please....
  15. Herb

    Free FJ40 Body Parts

    On Craigslist, in Great Falls Scrap Metal - Free (steel body parts) :beer:
  16. Herb


    The FJ40 sold to a really great couple last evening. Michelle and Craig should be signing up for mud accounts and getting involved in CLCC soon. They are mountain bikers, many of us. I'm still a member, dues paid late are still dues paid....right?:p I hope to be part of the tech...
  17. Herb

    I need a spare

    Before I start scrounging the local salvage yards....would anyone local happen to have an extra spare? That is....a spare, spare? I'm running stock wheels with 31" anything close should work. Thanks, Doug
  18. Herb

    Wanted  Fender Flares

    I'm looking for a set of rear fender flares. 2-2.5 inches wide...not any larger than that. Black. Let me know what you've got.... Thanks, Doug:beer:
  19. Herb

    Exhaust Leak fixed

    Hey all. I wanted to brag on the Remflex manifold gasket for a bit...if I may. I had previously tried to seal my headers with the Fel-pro gasket and copper no avail. I just couldn't stand the noise and smell from this leak, so I searched out Remflex. These gaskets are MUCH thicker...
  20. Herb

    Weber "washable" air filter?

    Hi guys... My weber carb is using a filter that I think is gauze...its white and wrapped in a fine wire mesh. I've heard that these things are washable....but how? Then, if I do wash this the type of filter that requires oil? Thanks for any insight.... Doug
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