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    2013 Landcruiser suspension build with King Race shocks and Volk Racing

    Wanted to share my suspension journey or nightmare, which took about 2 years to finally finish. First bought my Bronze Volk TE37s 18x9s about 2 years ago and wrapped them in Hankooks. It immediately starts to rub the fender liner and mud flaps at full lock. Thought I was going to raise the...
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    Interest thread for OEM style floor mats for the FJ60 and FJ62

    Just wanted to get your feedback and thoughts on this pea brained idea I have. I have a lot of contacts in the automotive industry and wanted to see if we could get a group buy going for OEM style floor mats. I have a company that can build them in many different colors and could get close the...
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    Suspension Recommendations for Bug out FJ62

    Before everyone slams me about the suspension and doing a search before I ask, I have but would like a bit more clarification. Background - I have been in the automotive industry for 25 years and know a lot about Import race cars, but need some help with my FJ62. I am used to spending a lot for...
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    Please help - need Shock/Strut dimensions

    Hello Mudders, Can anyone help me find the dimensions or any data on the length and length at rest for the stock shocks. Need to know the dimensions of the attachment points as well. I am going to design a really nice adjustable shock and test it. Let me know if any of you guys might have...
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