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    h55 conversion in Fj60

    I thought the first letter indicated the engine series?
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Just ordered some of this: NEO5-NWHP: NEOx LED Bulb - High Power Instrument Panel LED - 5mm NEO5-xHP Natural White Will report back.
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Yup. Thanks. Do you happen to have a SuperBright part number?
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    LED . . . I think?
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Thanks John. I’ll give it a try.
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Bulb only.
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    Switch bulb replacement?

    Has anybody ever replaced this bulb from the defrost switch? Not that I can figure out how to get it out . . .
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    Decals to restore wiper + light switch stalks

    You bet. Anything for brother.
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    Decals to restore wiper + light switch stalks

    I'm in. Decals for the sticks and what ever light icon is agreed upon. I can lend you a switch. Probably even have a dismantled one if that makes it eaasier. Call anytime.
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    Who is the current CDan/Onur equivalent? Me needs parts.
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    Recommendations on a good engine swap shop located in the PNW?

    TorFab. Impecable.
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    Seat belt buzzer mystery, help needed

    There are directions for a cheap Radio Shack buzzer thing jobber.
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    Rusty Wagon Rebuild

    Seems as though Kevin has moved on to better things. He is an artist!! He made those and sold several but he’s out (or so it seems). The guys is a total stud. Check out his build thread.
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    TRAIL TAILOR - Rack towers?

    Yo . . . @TRAIL TAILOR - Any chance of firing up some of those rad rack towers? I need 6 (three pairs). Posting here b/c maybe other people need them as well? I could prepay and could buy/fund a bunch if volume is the limiting factor. Hope all are safe and well there. Thanks Rob...
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    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    Will do. Thank you sir!
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    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    2mbb - By OP do you mean the ones I am using now? Because Jesus they drive me nuts! (see what I did there . . . sorry).:rofl:
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    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    Hmmmmmmm . . . . that's juicy.
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    Tools - Socket holder/organizer

    Hi Folks - Curious to know what socket holding/org system you are using (assuming you like it). I’m using these and they suck. Would appreciate advice from Those Wiser than I..
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    Gauge needle paint?

    Somewhere in the vast and profound epitomes of this place there is a thread or two on painting gauge needles. Had something to do with the LED gauge stuff. Can't find it. Help?
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