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  1. krs2fur

    SOLD WA: Slee ARB Foglight Surround Bumper Insert, RIGID Flush Mount Lights

    Next in line (for the lights anyway) if ⬆️ falls through
  2. krs2fur

    SOLD 1997 lx450

    How much for the rims? Are there 5? It looks like a matching 5th on the trailer deck. I'm local - BTW
  3. krs2fur

    Wanted 1997 driver side power mirror / white

    I've got a white one, if you're still looking.
  4. krs2fur

    Wanted 1996 FZJ80 Driver (Left) Mirror

    I believe Joey, Wits' End, (@NLXTACY ) has just the item you need to FIX your's.
  5. krs2fur

    Wanted GOT THEM Thanks

    Just a little FYI (& those with more knowledge than me, feel free to pipe in & correct) 91-94 TOYOTA grill + headlights match 96-97 Sombrero emblem grill + headlights match You must keep the correct headlights with the grill, otherwise things don't mount correctly. I've been told (but...
  6. krs2fur

    Wanted Cruise control computer and speed sensor for 91-92 80 series

    If the light isn't coming on, when entering diagnostic mode, that would make me think you need to possibly change the bulb
  7. krs2fur

    Wanted Cruise control computer and speed sensor for 91-92 80 series

    As far as spendy, I think I paid $100 for a good used sensor, a couple of years ago.
  8. krs2fur

    Wanted Cruise control computer and speed sensor for 91-92 80 series

    If you search, there IS a diagnostic procedure for the Cruise system. Where you put it in a diagnostic mode (although I don't remember how) and drive it at low speed (like 15-20mph) and high speed (over 25mph) and the cruise light flashes (or doesn't) to let you know what's going on.
  9. krs2fur

    Wanted Cruise control computer and speed sensor for 91-92 80 series

    I posted on the 80 Series FB page, that I was looking for this part (again) and someone sent me this -
  10. krs2fur

    For Sale Fzj80 quad headlights

    Basically, just supply & demand. These were never available on US spec Cruisers, so the only way to obtain them is from overseas. So, unless you've got friends/family in Australia or Europe that are heading back here & willing to pack a set of these in their suitcase, or you're heading that...
  11. krs2fur

    Wanted Need parts to repair Collision Damaged 1991 FJ80 (Alabama)

    Not me, but I thought I'd connect the two of you.
  12. krs2fur

    SOLD Fj80 Halo Headlights

    Are these glass lenses or plastic? Which style are they? 91-94 or 95-97 (I understand the headlights need to be matched with the appropriate grill) What bulbs do these use? Maybe a pic or 2 of the back side (where the bulbs install)
  13. krs2fur

    For Sale FJ80 Parts

    Interested in the door flares. Primarily need the passenger side, but if we can get 'em both in a single USPS Flat Rate Box, I'll take both. Let me know how much. If it matters, shipping zip is 95626.
  14. krs2fur


    Hi Lift Jack Covers | STEP 22 Gear Products Formerly known as Not sure if they're a supporter of 'Mud, but I've seen them at multiple organized events out here in California; so they do support the 'Wheelin' community (more than just trying to make a buck). I run one, myself...
  15. krs2fur

    For Sale Con ferr roof rack

  16. krs2fur

    Wanted FJ80 DS Mirror

    I haven't looked at one recently so take this information and do with it what you will but I think the backs were different on the DEPO compared to stock. Yeah, I'm not sure about that. I had considered that, since my DS mirror just had something stripped internally. However, due to a little...
  17. krs2fur

    Wanted FJ80 DS Mirror

    I recently picked up a pair of NEW Depot mirrors on eBay for ~$60 ea. Other than being only available in black, I think they're as good or better than the damaged original mirrors (as compared to pre-damage). Replacement Depo 312-5407L3EB Left Black Power Mirror For 91-97 Land Cruiser | eBay
  18. krs2fur

    Wanted 4xLabs front bumper kit

    YES PLEASE!!!!
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