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  1. zak8842

    Parting Out White 93 fj80 right front damage. Maine

    fuel door and spring to 41001?
  2. zak8842

    For Sale Center Diff Lock button FZJ80 95-97

    I'd be interested in one if you have any left.
  3. zak8842

    If you didn't own an 80, what would you own?

    do you have any information on the swap? My family has a willys as well and keeping the original engine going is more work than it's worth. This would be a great alternative.
  4. zak8842

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I did an emergency rear heater bypass to get the truck home. The hard lines running above the exhaust let go. It was stranded at a friends house 80 miles away.
  5. zak8842

    What did your 80 get for Christmas?

    Picked up OEM drive belts, idler pulleys, and fresh gear oil and engine oil.
  6. zak8842

    80 series where to start! Again....

    That will be an absolute handful. it's amazing what they can stuff in that engine bay though, i've seen pictures of ford coyote 5.0's in gt86's along with the more standard 2jz and ls swaps. the 1fz is probably the longest engine attempted.
  7. zak8842

    For Sale Lots of 80 series parts

    how's the condition of the shifter? The leather on my handle is all ripped so really I'm just looking for the handle. Price shipped to 41001?
  8. zak8842

    Who makes LED bar roof mounts for the 80 series?

    i've been looking into something similar. i'm thinking a good gutter mount would do the trick with a little modification. i've thought about buying gamiviti mounts or @reevesci (Trail Taylor) on this forum just came out with gutter mounts that look very strong.
  9. zak8842

    I am excited....

    @toyotaaddict83 Thanks for the feedback. i'll probably end up getting that one but hopefully won't run into your wiring issues. Keep up the good work!
  10. zak8842

    I am excited....

    How do you like your new head unit? I'm looking at that exact one for my newly acquired lx.
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