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    Works for usual, nice job Jason.
  2. 88Retired62


    I’ll be looking at a front/rear brake job in the near future and need your thoughts and experiences regarding upgrades over the OEM parts available. I’m principally referring to replacement parts and NOT conversions to replacement systems from other Toyota vehicles. As you might have guessed...
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    WATER TEMP SWITCH female side of harness connector (upper thermostat housing)

    The thin wire pulled out of sealed female side of the connector. Of course the connector is NLA for the FJ62. This has to be a common problem for us FJ62 owners. Just a few questions for those of us who have experienced this problem. 1. Describe the purpose of the WATER TEMP SWITCH? What does...
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    Has anyone found a source that can supply a Speedometer Gear Ratio Adapter that can compensate for the reduced driveline rotation ( speedometer indicates a slower speed) when installing taller tires. Specifically stock 28” to 33” diameter. Is there an industry formula, knowing the current tire...
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    I’m changing fuel filter about every 30,000 miles on my daily driver (8,000 to 10,000 miles/yr.) sound reasonable?
  6. 88Retired62

    Original Spare Tire Carrier FJ62

    Will a 33 x 12.50 x 15 tire mounted on a Mickey Thompson 15 x 10 wheel fit the frame mounted original spare carrier beneath the vehicle? Will it fit between the frame rails?
  7. 88Retired62

    Returning to my roots - REAR TRAILER HITCH SPARE TIRE MOUNT

    After much soul searching, finally sold my ARB front bumper w/WARN 9000 and rear KAYMAR bumper w/all the attachments. Now, looking for a lighter rear spare tire hitch mount for a 33 x 12.50 x 15 Cooper Dakota A/T2 mounted on a Micky THOMPSON 15 x 10 Wheel. Anyone familiar with the Wilco Offroad...
  8. 88Retired62

    Walker “Y” EXHAUST PIPE (88FJ62)

    Searched hi and low for a WALKER (#40210) Y Pipe but everyone is “OUT OF STOCK AND UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”. Anyone know of a source with part in stock?
  9. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 7 Blade Fan vs. 90-92FJ80 8 Blade Fan

    Does the 90-92FJ80 8 Blade Fan fit the 88FJ62 Fan Blade Clutch and fan housing? Anyone noticed improved cooling. Are the OEM fan blades still available from Toyota?
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    FJ62...Why no Custom Console Product?

    What prompted this question was the review of the antichrists thread entitled "Custom Interiors" and the tremendous outflow of interest as evidenced by over 1200 views in the span of one week. Combine the "Custom Interior" posting with the tremendous positive review of the "Stainless Steel...
  11. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 Transmission Temp Sending Unit

    I'm considering installing a Trans Temp Guage. Will I get a representative reading by mounting the sending unit on the transmission Pan as opposed to slashing my input or output lines and installing a mounting "T" fitting. Anyone have any pictures of your choice of mounting preference?
  12. 88Retired62

    FJ62 Steering wheel Change-Out

    FJ62 steering wheel by 88Retired62 posted Aug 17, 2017 at 7:56 PMFJ62 steering wheel by 88Retired62 posted Aug 17, 2017 at 7:56 PM Ever since installing my LeCarra wheel back in 1992 I've always wondered... "Does anyone else perform this totally unnecessary but none the less interesting upgrade...
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    Wanted 88FJ62 Replacement Parts for EFI and Emission Control Systems

    Many times I've been able to build up my OEM/NOS spare parts supply by substituting similar parts from other Toyota models (i.e. 80 series Land Cruisers, 4Runners, Toyota autos) that are listed as NLA for the FJ62. However, I'm having difficulty finding available replacements from other Toyota...
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    88FJ62 Automatic Self Retracting Drivers Step

    Why you ask? Well I'm just tired of sliding out my lifted 62' and tearing apart my seat upholstery AND believe me, if you're trying to maintain the originality of the cloth seat material the expense of locating and then paying for it is not a pleasant experience to repeat over and over again...
  15. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 Remanufactured Alternator

    I'm off to the dealer this week to purchase an ORIGIONAL EQUIPMENT REMANUFACTURED ALTERNATOR. Not REBUILT but REMANUFACTURED which is as close to a new OEM as I can get. Can anyone recommend a new bolt in aftermarket unit of superior quality? Cost? Any horror stories attached to the...
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    88FJ62 EFI Water Temp Switch Contact Wire Break

    I'm attaching a picture of the EFI Temp Switch which exits the 3fe engine thermostat housing at the front of the engine. As you can see the wire connecting to the switch has broken off the fitting cap that slides on to the switch and locks in place. The cap, at the wire point of entry, is sealed...
  17. 88Retired62

    FJ62 Headlite Guards

    Anyone familiar with an aftermarket manufacturer of stand alone headlite guards?
  18. 88Retired62

    FJ60 vs. FJ62 Outside Door Window Rubber Weatherstrip Belts

    I know this subject has been discussed in the past but can't find the post. Can I replace my FJ62 chrome rubber outside (front/rear) door moldings with the black FL60 moldings. Commonly called outside moldings, weatherstrips or belts it's the outside squeegee type rubber at the bottom of the...
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    DISCONTINUED Emissions and EFI System Parts

    As with some of the FJ62 discontinued parts, we've been able to substitute existing parts from other TOYOTA models. Is there a previous thread on this subject? Can anybody confirm available compatible parts for the following ? 23260-69026 Cold Start Injection Valve 89462-20010 Cold Start...
  20. 88Retired62

    88 FJ62 Characoal Canaster Pressure Buildup

    Infamous "wooosh" when opening gas cap filler. This is a " big wooosh" and just a "little wwooosh"!! Cannot sense an operating issue but obviously an issue none the less - 1. Can I reverse the lines going into the canaster? OR 2. Can I unhook the input and output lines. Attach a small filter (...
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