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    FJ60 diesel conversion

    I used the dimmer knob for the speed hut gauges didn't tie it into the factory dimmer worked fine Tommy
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    FJ60 Is getting a new transplant.... (LQ4 w/ 4L80E)

    They do look great and are comfortable
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    FJ60 Is getting a new transplant.... (LQ4 w/ 4L80E)

    Was quite a bit of work. Had to cut off all the factory brackets off the seats modify the rear part of the seat channel weld that back up fabricate new front mounts weld them on along with a bunch of measuring they definitely don't go right in and for the seats wiring a bussman water proof fuse...
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    FJ60 Is getting a new transplant.... (LQ4 w/ 4L80E)

    Thanks bro I can build just about anything but sometimes this computer smartphone gets me. @Hojack this is the 60 that i was building got picked up the after the hurricane here.
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    FJ60 Is getting a new transplant.... (LQ4 w/ 4L80E)

    Well thought i knew how to post a link
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    FJ60 Is getting a new transplant.... (LQ4 w/ 4L80E)

    Short little video clip
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    Builds Work In Progress aka: Badass

    F those bends in the fuel and return line are for the transmission xmember on the 84fj60 the transmission bolts to the inside of the frame and further forward than your 60
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    FZJ80 rear axle upgrade

    And tires are not true ie. Tread wear tire pressure
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    Some pictures of my speedometer repair and cleanup

    Lol yea sound like me. If it is going to be a minute before the speed hut gauges i would just replace the cable.
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    FJ60 Dash restore

    @NCFJ restored the dash on the 60 project he is working on maybe he can share some info on it.
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    Boss Air Suspension Assist Kit

    Now we're talking didn't know it was supported by jack stands before
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    Tailgate Liner - Crying over spilt beer

    Cast iron cook top lol psssss dinner is ready
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    8x Series V8 Swaps

    Does the adapter even work with an atlas tcase its made for a 80 tcase better do some more research and make sure your not buying something that you dont need or the wrong thing
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    Boss Air Suspension Assist Kit

    Woah those sway bar links are a little short
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    FJ62 suspension refurb - What do I wanna do?

    Sprung under with 63s? not sure if that would give you lift would be sweet tho
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    Builds Lexus 450 rebuild

    Dont understand why its discontinued for the 62 but available for the 80....
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    Builds Lexus 450 rebuild

    Just looked at my parts 80 and 62 ome on the 80 is gone but the one on the 62 is there looked at toyotapartsdeal same part # as a 97 fzj80.
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    1990 FJ62 Potential Engine Swap

    Congrats on being sober
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    1990 FJ62 Potential Engine Swap

    Anything is possible as long as you have a fat bank account doesn't sound like you do if you can't afford the vehicle you have now.
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    Paint and bodywork services offered

    Yea i would be careful with that statement lol!
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