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  1. ElPolloBlanco

    For Sale Fresno-ish:GX470/460, 4Runner rear axle Bearings/Hubs

    Ordered these and didn’t need them. $60. I can drop off anywhere along the 99 from Visalia to Sac Friday.
  2. ElPolloBlanco

    Does anyone make something to go here?

    My land cruiser badging was hanging on by a thread so I decided to pull it off before it broke off. Is anyone making anything to go here? I still have my original, but if anyone has anything different I’d be interested to see it.
  3. ElPolloBlanco

    Womp sound is the rear, need advise quick

    Okay, so a while ago I took the air ride out and put springs in. While doing that I noticed my rear brakes needed to be replaced. So while changing the brakes I noticed the rotor was scored really badly on the inside of the passenger side. I decided to swap rotors and brakes at the same time...
  4. ElPolloBlanco

    RTH front hub bearing

    I’m swapping out the front axles. Got everything apart. Spun the front hub. Have a listen and tell me if I should wrap it up and order a new front hub.
  5. ElPolloBlanco

    Dealer Recommended Maintenance

    So I took my GX in for an oil change and inspection today at Toyota. They’ve recommended several maintenance items. But their labor is insane. I’m sure I can do a lot of this myself. Front Struts (said they were leaking) $1065 Timing Belt (it’s never been changed and I’m at 145K I would do...
  6. ElPolloBlanco

    Lift shopping list

    Looking at doing my lift in the next month or so, finally. Rig is currently on 285’s with plans to go 35’s in the future. I’m around 3100 pounds on the front axle and 2600 on the rear in street mode, a bit heavier in camping mode. I plan to add a 4x4 labs bumper sometime this year with tire...
  7. ElPolloBlanco

    LED Windshield Glare

    i have some serious windshield/hood glare with my roof rack mounted 40” spot/flood LED. It’s practically unusable. The glare on the white hood is bad, but it seems to catch the glass in a way that makes it glow. I have an old school INTI rack. I was thinking about ditching the spot/flood LED and...
  8. ElPolloBlanco

    Undercarriage Cake

    So I was under the rig the other day, just looking around thinking about spraying the undercarriage and axles with some treatment and paint. The bottom is completely covered in caked up oil and dirt. It’s pretty thick and it’s pretty bad. So should I just worry about cleaning the axles and...
  9. ElPolloBlanco

    Help Diagnose my Air Suspension Problem

    I have an intermittent suspension issue. Sometimes the rear end bottoms out after sitting a while, other times it’s just fine. I couldn’t get the suspension to do it with the key off, but, I did get it to sit on the bumpstops when I put it on the low setting. The bags just kept bleeding and...
  10. ElPolloBlanco

    Right Hand Drive 60

    I was at the intersection of Grangeville and Cenntenial the other day and spotted a sweet right hand drive 60. Is that anyone on here?
  11. ElPolloBlanco

    Camping near Kaweah/3 rivers

    I have this tracking class at Kaweah this Saturday and Sunday. It’s from 8-5 on Saturday then a night time tracking session from 730-10ish. Instead of driving all the way back Down the hill to Hanford only to be back up there at 8 the next morning, I want to just crash up there. Y’all know any...
  12. ElPolloBlanco

    $10 toilet

    My neighbors sold their boat and had a bunch of accessories they hadn’t gotten rid of yet. I got a Dometic 2.5 gallon toilet for $10. Don’t think I’ve ever been this excited over a toilet.
  13. ElPolloBlanco

    Adventure Kings

    My facebook feed has been showing me a lot of ads for Adventure Kings gear. Some of it looks pretty nice. Are there any US based retailers or do the Aussies get to have all the fun once again?
  14. ElPolloBlanco

    Broke knock sensor

    So I’m poking around the truck this morning looking at replacing my temp sensor cause it’s throwing codes and what not. Figured out I’ll just do it when I change the oil next week it’ll be easier to get to. But I see a cord just hanging next to my oil filter. I’m pretty sure it’s the plug for...
  15. ElPolloBlanco

    Are my issues related?

    I’m not talking about my mental health. My truck has been acting strange. Last summer while on a trip to the Sierra NF my coolant temps were all over the place. I have an ultra gauge hooked up. My dash gauge was pegged in the middle maybe a little higher this section of uphill climb gets my ride...
  16. ElPolloBlanco

    12 Volt Guy Dual Battery and Winch Switch Review

    So I’ve had this thing sitting in my garage for almost 3 years now I think. I can’t even remember when I bought it, but I’m sure I still had my old cruiser then. Here is a link to the product. I can’t find any photos of it when it shipped, but it was packaged nicely and arrived promptly, even...
  17. ElPolloBlanco

    New winch thimble

    Hey guys. Long time no see. I’ve been busy as hell the last few years. I was wondering if you guys knew of any shops that could replace a thimble on a cable winchline. I was able to get a M8000 for a of a deal, but it’s got some flaws like a crushed thimble.
  18. ElPolloBlanco

    M8000 questions

    I was able to score an M8000 with steel line for $300. Didn’t have the fairlead so the guy cut me a deal off his $350 asking price. Anyway. I have the mount for the solenoid box to set it off the side. I’m assuming I need to take the bolts out for the cross bars to mount that. I also wanted to...
  19. ElPolloBlanco

    Seat foam/cover question

    My seats have certainly seen better days. I’m looking at ordering the front seat kit from LSeat and doing the install myself because I don’t want to spend a ton of money to fix it. My question is, is the missing foam part of the seat cover, or the seat? There’s a white backing beneath the...
  20. ElPolloBlanco

    Dual USB Audio & Power Dash Plug

    These are all over the place on Amazon. The problem is they are for newer Toyota models. Has anyone ever found one that will fit in the 93-97 switch slots? @bhicks, do you think this will fit in your bezel?
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