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  1. bigredmachine

    Rear shocks

    well leaks don't get better on their own and depending on whats leaking it could cause additional damage, but just saying that its a ball bearing is not specific enough to even guess at what the issue could be going to need more info than that
  2. bigredmachine

    Does this seem reasonable?

    I like using on e of these when I do a drain and fill on the trans, see how much comes out and put that much back in
  3. bigredmachine

    Does this seem reasonable?

    that's a bit high but not too bad, that's similar to what we charge for trans flush and 4x4 service. servicing the diffs should also include greasing the drive shafts
  4. bigredmachine

    80 series brake lines - can i buy them? or how do i proceed?

    dealership, the lines are fairly cheap to buy. youll probably want to drop the tank to change those lines
  5. bigredmachine

    Companion flange stake nut not coming loose

    impact gun, looks like someone tried to take the nut off by gnawing on it
  6. bigredmachine


    raced the j105 yesterday in a distance pursuit race and took a first. pretty steady winds at around 14kt with gusts up to 22 kt, and we saw a top speed of 10.5 kt on a downwind run
  7. bigredmachine

    Tailgate only partially opening...

    spray it down with rust penetrant and work the hinges open and closed, their just getting rusty and sticky no big deal
  8. bigredmachine

    Close to giving up...can't find the misfire!

    not necessarily, I had codes 24 25 and replaced the o2 sensors and still had the misfire. there was corrosion in the connector that was an additional issue. replaced the connectors and problem solved, for now
  9. bigredmachine

    Let's discuss the new Supra

    after we sold our launch series we got 2 more in the showroom, one black and one white, and they haven't sold either. I have a feeling that they'll be sitting for a while
  10. bigredmachine

    Close to giving up...can't find the misfire!

    id pull back the loom to check for any wire damage, mine had been worn through on the front drive shaft and the old wire repairs were turning green. any corrosion in the connectors?
  11. bigredmachine

    Close to giving up...can't find the misfire!

    test your o2 sensors, you can do that from the obd port. I had bad sensors and a really crappy wire repair job by the po that was the cause of a similar misfire on mine.
  12. bigredmachine

    Fusing for the winch lines

    because you want the relay on the power side for load control and these are 12v negative ground systems. its better to run higher current through a relay and have something that is a lower current turn the relay on and off
  13. bigredmachine

    head gasket replacement prep and exhaust Q's

    you could always go to a shop and have them make you an exhaust pipe and fix other leaks in the pipe while their there. ya looked again and I totally misread that as header pipe not heater. still too early with out enough coffee in me
  14. bigredmachine

    Timing belt schedule (years vs mileage)

    nope, timing belt dosnt care one bit its just doing its thing.
  15. bigredmachine

    head gasket replacement prep and exhaust Q's

    get all new nuts and studs for the manifolds and start to soak them now in rust penetrant
  16. bigredmachine

    Blown HG worth replacing or just sell it as is?

    that's actually a reasonable price from the dealer for the miles and condition, they would just send the truck out to wholesale. unless your dad authorized tare down time theres no way that they would be looking at the head gaskets. get it taken somewhere else and get a second opinion or do...
  17. bigredmachine

    ‘95 LC where is oil pressure sending unit located?

    on the block behind the ac compressor near the oil cooler
  18. bigredmachine

    Hopefully a quick EGR question...

    yes, itll still be open so you would still be getting the effect of the egr. you can try giving it a light hit with a hammer to get the valve to close
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