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  1. GLTHFJ60

    FJ60 diesel conversion

    If you wire the speedhut dimmer to any of the factory dash gauge light circuits, then you're tying into the light circuit after the factory rehostat (dimmer). That means yes, two dimmers, but the way that the factory dimmer works messes with el wire light dimmers, such as the speedhut dimmer.
  2. GLTHFJ60

    Builds Sweet Brown - 80 Build

    I mean, it's pretty exciting. Not often do you see people go balls to the wall like that with an axle build that's not a race truck.
  3. GLTHFJ60

    Random For Sale/Wanted to include CL, Ebay, etc

    Buddy of mine is selling his vortec converted, manual transmission, FJ62. Pretty sick rig, converted 8 ish years ago (?) by IPOR.
  4. GLTHFJ60

    FJ60 diesel conversion

    Stock rheostat regulates ground through resistance, yes. Super annoying. I keep my factory rehostat turned all the way up all the time, then change the gauge backlighting with the speedhut dimmer kit.
  5. GLTHFJ60

    Builds Sweet Brown - 80 Build

    Jesus f***. How much tied up in that rear axle? $4000?
  6. GLTHFJ60

    My WARN 8274 rebuild part 1.....

    Overkill for a stock 8274, probably, but maybe not for one with a *much* higher power motor.
  7. GLTHFJ60

    My WARN 8274 rebuild part 1.....

    Looks like it might be. I posted this contactor and other potential replacements in this thread, because it seemed more appropriate there:
  8. GLTHFJ60

    The Brown Truck - My 1982 Toyota Pickup

    I was going to say alternator excite wire. There should be minimal amperage going through that wire. If it was connected for a short while and burned, then incorrect connection to something. If it has been there for a while and suddenly burned, then corrosion or alternator failure.
  9. GLTHFJ60

    My WARN 8274 rebuild part 1.....

    I posted details including this solenoid in the albright wiring thread.
  10. GLTHFJ60

    Target carrier

    X2 - would love to see some pics, or a build thread.
  11. GLTHFJ60

    Events/Trails Logans Run 2019 - September 19-22nd OFFICIAL THREAD.

    :lol: no. Should have said; we'll see how I feel Saturday morning.
  12. GLTHFJ60

    Events/Trails Logans Run 2019 - September 19-22nd OFFICIAL THREAD.

    We'll see how Friday night goes :steer: Anyone else in a pre logans run wrenching rush? Bunch of stuff coming up last minute for me. Powering through it.
  13. GLTHFJ60

    Wiring an 8274 + Albright

    Well, my superwinch contactor is bad, won't power out anymore. Looks like the superwinch 90-14452 is discontinued, as is the Albright DC88P equivalent. The warn 34971 is bigger than the superwinch/albright, but it looks like a new version of the DC88P is out, called the DC88P-1000. Has anyone...
  14. GLTHFJ60

    My WARN 8274 rebuild part 1.....

    Going back to this, finally got around to testing. Turns out the contactor was bad, and you were right all along! Thanks for the guidance. Now just to find a replacement for the superwinch contactor that's now nla:
  15. GLTHFJ60

    2019 ONSC Calendar

    Google maps shows that portsmouth island is no longer a nice long island. Circled in red are the bits that used to be one contiguous island :(
  16. GLTHFJ60

    Hi Guys! Intro and restoration Hj60 12ht #build

    Whohoo!!! Congrats man!!
  17. GLTHFJ60

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Yes. After a minute of me running around, the switch freed itself and the starter turned off. Pure luck.
  18. GLTHFJ60

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Kind of an emergency? Ignition switch stuck in the start position this morning. Mad scramble to turn the starter off. Anyone have an ignition switch for a 60 I can buy from them? Need it ASAP.
  19. GLTHFJ60

    Ignition switch issues

    Bumping this up. Do we know for sure if the 80-83 switch will plug into the later J6x trucks? The ignition switch in my truck has more or less failed, and finding even a used 84-87 switch is proving difficult. From the date codes, SOR doesn't have anything that will "fit" a 10/86 production...
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