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  1. davesax36

    Hey, Matt (94) is this the guy?

  2. davesax36

    Wet Driver Floor - Is this why?

    Hey, guys. Sooooo I'm pretty sure this is why my driver's floor is wet. My headliner is totally dry and always has been, but I recently pulled my weathertech liners to clean them off and found that my driver's side carpet was soaked. I looked all over the inside, checked my sunroof drains...
  3. davesax36

    Normal acceleration or weird

    Hey, guys. I just got my truck back from Ryan @OTRAMM . He's awesome. In an effort to not bother him with a zillion questions, I think it's better if I just post this here. Is this normal acceleration for an empty 80 on 265/75/16 on flat ground? This is foot to the floor from a dead stop...
  4. davesax36

    Weird Dash Lights issue

    Ok, guys and gals. I've gotten my self a moderate basket case '96. I fixed the O2 sensor and the SRS light that were keeping me from passing emissions here in Virginia. UNFORTUNATELY, none of the lights on the dash that should be triggered by the OBD2 sensors are lighting. Lights I have...
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