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    I found 2 80 series in junkyards if anyone needs parts

    1 is at LKQ down near Savannah. The other and much nicer one is in Fayetteville. Be aware LKQ is like pull a part except more BS fees added to the purchase price. My $50 throttle body for a project was about $70 plus tax by time they were finished.
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    Anyone at the Gambler 500 in Tennessee this weekend?

    I will be there with a really large 2wd F-250 460 powered goodness. Since my son and I won the Alabama event we might as well have some fun.
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    Where do I find a front tag bracket for a 200 ?

    I want one for my 2011. Looking in the Toyota parts catalog I did not turn one up. Anyone have a part number ?
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    Is this a supercharged 80 ?

    Saw this picture in an ad while looking around. It is a JDM 94 in Virginia. JDM 80 for sale . Look at the engine pics. It appears to be a Rotrex supercharger. Also has aftermarket sway bars
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    I noticed a lack of build threads in here. Let's have one.

    I bought a used FJ. an 07 6 speed. It needs a few minor things and has had a few things already done that I liked. It has a mystery 2 inch lift an Expedition 1 front bumper and a Warn winch that is like new. I am replacing the shocks with Bilstein 5100's since the rears leak and the fronts look...
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    Is anyone using alternative coolants ?

    My previous fleet experience with Shell ELC showed longer life of all of the cooling system parts and less issues with aluminum engine parts. I was thinking of converting my LC over. Any issues ? Any reason why I have to have Toyota coolant ? TIA
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    FJ fender cracks and a question

    I went and drove a nice used FJ today. It had about 2 inch crack in both sides in front of the hood shock mounts. Other than that it drove great and everything worked like it should. Is there an aftermarket fix for these cracks or am I on my own fabricating a patch ? This appears to be not a...
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    MPG on a 4wd FJ ?

    I am already a 200 owner. MY GF drives the 200 during the week. I was looking at a new daily driver for me and stumbled upon an FJ with a 6 speed and 4wd. What kind of mileage can I expect ? Any issues I should look for ? Does it require premium ? Amy desirable options to look for if I want...
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    I won the Alabama Gambler 500

    Not in a Land Cruiser because reasons. But in a 1990 F-250 2wd with a big block. My son and I hit all of the checkpoints and got more bonuses than anyone else by a good bit. I am in pain and about to have my gall bladder removed so I do not look super happy
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    Did we do the 200 MPH series 200 yet ?

    I must have missed this.
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    Local dealer of choice ?

    Who treats you good on parts and or maybe service occasionally ? I have a recall coming as do all 200 owners. I also buy parts so far all online.
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    For Sale 1 new Goodyear Wrangler Authority A/T 235/80-17

    For sale is one new Goodyear Wrangler Authority A/T 235-80-17. Never been on a rim. Located in the metro Atlanta area. Would prefer not to ship but can meet a reasonable distance away. $100
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    Need second row seat cover ideas.

    I need to cover the second row seats since I haul 2 dogs. Prefer something that allows the console to be folded. I see canvas seat covers in Australia only available in grey. I have a generic universal cover currently. Any other options. I have a tan interior and color is not an issue. Would...
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    How much Tundra suspension stuff fits a 200?

    I know the front end parts look close. Are there any parts I want to be watching for ? Thanks
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    What do I need to avoid in a series 200 LC? Bought one.

    I have been looking at some sort of LC for a while and am going to look at a 2008 with 114000 miles on it. Looks nice in the pictures and has a lot of service records from Toyota. Southern car with 1 accident on the carfax. Anything to immediately make me run away ? Going to look at 2 in the...
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    Do I want an 80 series ?

    Been looking at Land Cruisers and have been thinking that I want an 80 series. Is there any reason not to?
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