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  1. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    Montecore was a great truck :) (Named after a particular white tiger that had had enough of his handler)
  2. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    You know for sure that I don't have anything against blue and white piggies :)
  3. Trapper50cal

    For Sale 2000 LX470 TRD Supercharged

    Quite a lot has been done to it since the price was set's justified.
  4. Trapper50cal

    SOLD 2005 LC , Zero Rust-Guess keeping in family

    Lucky brother :) I predict you're going to have to pry the keys out of his clinched fist while he's asleep.
  5. Trapper50cal

    For Sale 2007 LX470- GA

    Not much in the way of corrosion to wires or hoses, I don't think... if it was rinsed off afterwards at some point. What would be of concern to me would be whether it overheated as a result, i.e. how long was it running after the radiator went. Overheating causes expensive damage to the engine...
  6. Trapper50cal

    For Sale Stout on BaT

    yup, saw that. Must have been a few lurkers that really wanted it, but were hoping to stay under the radar until the end
  7. Trapper50cal

    For Sale Stout on BaT

    Not mine, just figured folks might like to know...
  8. Trapper50cal

    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    I absolutely love my and my family's little corner of the world... I feel incredibly lucky to call this place my home. I haven't felt right anywhere else since I moved down here in 95. Well...maybe Kona ;)
  9. Trapper50cal

    For Sale 2007 fj cruiser 6 speed manual arb bumpers ome

    Location? Oklahoma? Good looking deal!
  10. Trapper50cal

    SAS #3 Official Thread 2019

    Not there right now but isn't there a Gas Station on the way out of town to the North? They should have a couple bottles in there? Google is calling it a Conoco at Ouray Riverside Inn and Cabins
  11. Trapper50cal

    SOLD 2005 lexus lx470 $12000

    Good looking truck and a good looking deal :) GLWS!
  12. Trapper50cal

    For Sale Mesa Az 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser triple locked

    I'm going to assume that the 1994, "triple-locked" and avatar pic place this truck firmly in the fzj-80 category, so your FS Thread is in the wrong section. Hit up a MOD to move it into the 80 series section.
  13. Trapper50cal

    For Sale 2001 LX470

    I think you just answered your own question with the last 6 words of your post. Maybe tell-tale signs of corrosion on the under-hood hardware...but that's easier to tackle with a can of WD40 than the undercarriage.
  14. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    No failures that I can see other than perhaps an overly optimistic timeframe, but the work and attention to detail are top notch. That'll always be the prevailing consideration in the long run.
  15. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    Make sure you get a guy willing to follow the FSM to the letter on the install... IIRC, there are some steps including extra silicone/sealing compound that a lot of installers skip that leads to leaks. (top corners, I think) pertaining to the windshield install, at least.
  16. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    impressive that you got it out in one, uncracked piece :)
  17. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    Ohhh that's purty...So that's what a steering box looks like without an eighth inch of PS fluid grime on it.
  18. Trapper50cal

    Builds "Chunk+12ht" version 2.0

    I've always felt that if you recognize and allow for Murphy to apply his law, he won't... It's when you deny that it's even possible that he sees fit to prove you wrong. ;)
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