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  1. billybongo63

    Interior Black door handles ?

    Thinking about purchasing a pair of black abs door cards, but would then need to source black handles, window cranks, and arm rests. Were these available in black, or crossover from another model? Still googling...... Than you
  2. billybongo63

    80 series hard body

    For those of you who have been asking: I
  3. billybongo63

    Cruisin' the Woods 2017 Tillamook State Forest Oregon

    Join us for the Pacific Northwest premier TLCA event: Cruisin' the Woods 2017 Always a good time
  4. billybongo63

    Transfer seal help, pzj75

    Serviced the gear boxes yesterday, transfer case was way low, like 1 pint drained out. Transmission was over full. My reading leads me to believe the seal between the two needs replaced. 90316-48003 is the part # I come up with. Can any of you experts confirm, please? Other parts needed...
  5. billybongo63

    Point Broke, Billybongo's HZJ75

    Greetings from a soon to be 70 series owner! It was a terrible re-make, but the 2015 version of Point Break had a couple of bright spots; great footage of monster surf at Tehapu, and a short chase scene featuring a LHD 1990 Troopy. Alcon Productions brought 2 of these in for filming, model them...
  6. billybongo63

    RC4WD Gelande 2 Cruiser 1963 fj45

    I was stoked to see a hard body cruiser back on the rc scene. Bare with me, this may be a long build, but here we go!
  7. billybongo63

    Tamiya GF-01 fj45!

    Oh yeah!
  8. billybongo63

    Craigslist '64 LV in Kennewick WA $4,500

    No affiliation, nor are those my bullet holes
  9. billybongo63

    1/12th HJ75

    Started out as a Radio Shack Croc Hunter, hopefully it will become a 1.55 class 1 scaler.
  10. billybongo63

    Cruisin' the Woods 2012

    Cruisin' the Woods 2012 Registration Open! Thought I'd give all you planners the heads up for the biggest TLCA event in the North West! The Cascade Cruisers are once again proud to present: Cruisin the Woods 2012 Friday September 28th, Toyota Only Run Saturday September 29th, Open Event...
  11. billybongo63

    Axial Wraith

    Rock Racer, RTR, just add LiPo. Flipped the axles to get a true "Toyota" look. (not pictured, Light Sand painted body with Classic White roof).
  12. billybongo63

    64 swb on CL

    No affiliation with the seller, but the previous owner is a friend and fellow club member. He built this with his dad about ten years ago. Nice healthy 45! 1964 Toyoto FJ 45 - rare pickup
  13. billybongo63

    TLCA watch ? Hong Kong e-bay knock-offs!

    Don't know if we can stop it, but thought it should be addressed. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Jeep 4WD Sport Metal Watch | eBay
  14. billybongo63

    63 running (again)!

    Well, it's been 2 years and 2 months since my rig's fuel system died. Many of you remember (and helped) at the 2007 45 Run. Seems the PO got media blasted into the gas tank and from there it fouled everything. Had the local radiator shop boil and coat the tank, I painted it stock grey. Got an...
  15. billybongo63

    More carb help please

    Got a large sight from Esh, was rebuilt from Jim C and run for a short time prior to me getting it. Installed last night, runs at idle, only with full choke. dies at acceleration, or if choke released. Leaks at accelerater pump connecting link. Defective plunger? Any help appreciated-Bill
  16. billybongo63

    Question on rebuilding fuel pump

    Hey all, Got my fuel pump off and apart, and am rebuilding with an nos kit, but maybe later build date. The old diaphram rod has an "eye" and the lever (2 piece) hooks into it, the new rod "T"s at the end and the one piece lever has a fork the rides on either side of the "T". It looks like...
  17. billybongo63

    Wanted early Aisan carb (or float),& sending unit

    Re-doing fuel system on my 63, need a float for my large sight aisin 1 bbl, and a float for the sending unit, will purchase whole carb and unit if needed. If you know the part # on the sending unit please let me know. Thanks-Bill
  18. billybongo63

    Aisin D40 on my F135?

    Just bought a new old stock d40 (small round window) in hopes of replacing my existing carb. Any problems with my thought process? As always thanks for your endless knowledges!-Bill
  19. billybongo63

    Cruisin' the Woods 2008

    Cascade Cruisers proudly present: CRUISIN' THE WOODS 2008 September 27th 2008, Browns Camp, Tillamook State Forrest, Oregon. Registration is now open, here's the link to the form: Cascade Cruiser Events Those interested in camping/pre-runs/working this event, please pm or e-mail me...
  20. billybongo63

    All Pro continues on the cutting edge of product developement!

    Jon and his crew must not get much sleep, in the last few weeks they have come up with: WE 2.5's front coil-overs Fox 2.5 rear res. shocks 2,3.5 and 6" lift rear coil springs chromoly cv axles heavyduty tie rods gusseted spindles. with sway capabilites E-locker skids and a whole punch...
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