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  1. residualboulders

    Center Console Idea - Any CAD pros?

    Anyone proficient in CAD want to help draft up a part? I thought I could use my architectural software, but apparently it's a bit limited in it's CAD capability for small parts like this (meant for designing houses, not parts). As you all know the center console is stingy on space for items...
  2. residualboulders

    Headlight / Marker Light Issue

    My marker lights and dash lights quit working the other day. Forgot to fix it until i was driving at night last night. Turn signals, hazards, brake light and headlights work, just running/marker lights and dash lights not working. Found my headlight fuse was blown today so I replaced it. Turned...
  3. residualboulders

    Question for Folks with Swing out Bumpers

    I have a rear swing out bumper on order, but after a week mt biking in Southern Utah I'm wondering I really want one. I wouldn't be able to open with my bike rack mounted, which means I couldn't access the rear hatch where I would have my gear. I think id have to get a bike rack swing out...
  4. residualboulders

    Anyone Running Dobinsons Adjustable MRR lift on their 200?

    What I planned to get was the OME BP51 but no one seems to have them in stock. I have them on order but it looks like Dobinson's kit is available. I was curious if anyone is using their adjustable lift and what your feedback is. I don't know how they compare to the BP51 as far as ride quality...
  5. residualboulders

    Builds  Wyoming HE Build

    I've been thinking about getting a 200 for several years now but kept talking myself out of it for several reasons. I finally decided to pull the trigger since the dealer offered new purchase price as trade in value for my 2 year old Truck. Timing seemed right. No more cruisers in the US helped...
  6. residualboulders

    Turn signal issue

    Can’t find the solution in search. my turn signal relay started buzzing in my 1986 FJ60. indicator lights on the dash dont work turn signals don’t work. replaced the relay, still buzzes. Replaced the whole switch assembly on the steering wheel column. Still buzzes. figured maybe I got a bad...
  7. residualboulders

    Welding in sheet metal. Help I think

    looking for some welding advice from someone that might have far more experience than I do. I cut out the rear floor in my 40 to replace it with a solid one. I had rust along the bottom of the vertical wheel well piece. I cut off the bottom 1 1/4” and welded in a new piece. I spaced welds 1”...
  8. residualboulders

    Replacing my 1979 rear floor.

    Decided to tackle this after 18 years of wanting to. The other side looks about the same, rust in the corner of the floor creeps into the ribs on the floor which would be hard (for me) to replicate and patch so I bought a whole new floor pan from CCOT. Hoping to salvage my wheel Wells. Removed...
  9. residualboulders

    1979 Rear of tub Removal - help

    Trying to remove rear of tub body mounts so I can replace them and replace the rear cargo floor panel. Can’t find a thread showing how to do so on a 1979. Can’t see any way to access a bolt that holds it in place. Or is there one? There are 4 like this, two on the rear sill. I can see the bolts...
  10. residualboulders

    I can't remember - Taillight wiring

    I'm hoping ya'll can help me remember what these connectors are for in the drivers side taillight cavity. I don't remember what they were connected to when I removed all the lights for paint. If i connect them, none of the lights work. Maybe they weren't connected before, but they must be for...
  11. residualboulders

    Saginaw Power Steering - Gearbox Source?

    In the middle of saginaw power steering conversion on my 79 fj40. I ordered ( a rebuilt 4 1/4 turn gearbox but received a 3.5 turn. Tried to source another through napa, they tell me the 3.5 is all that is available any more. Anyone have a reliable source for the 4 1/4" turn box?
  12. residualboulders

    200 Series Remote Start

    So those of you with a 2021, how does the remote start work. I’ve asked dealers and I seem to know more about the cruiser than they do so no help. Is it like my old tundra where you press a button three times and it starts, but when you enter the vehicle it shuts off? My tundra didn’t have push...
  13. residualboulders

    New Upholstery - Maybe not for Everyone

    Finally got my seats back! I debated long and hard on the upholstery. I typically like to keep things stock looking, but decided some retro plaid might look cool in the pig. I tried to replicate the stock stitching pattern at least. Doesn't look it in the pic, but the blue and white in the plaid...
  14. residualboulders

    Door Handle Cup (bezel)

    Anyone 3d printing replacement door handle bezels that recess behind the door handle on the inside of the door?
  15. residualboulders

    Needed: Window channel bracket

    Anyone have a spare one of these brackets that hold the channel in place and bolt on where I’m pointing here? My drivers side door is missing that piece.
  16. residualboulders

    So what’s the secret to putting the tailgate hinges back together?

    If I put the tailgate rod where it goes I can’t attach the hinges. If I attach the hinges I can’t get the rod in place. There must be a secret to this?
  17. residualboulders

    Upper Tailgate Seal - Install Photos?

    Couldn't find anything on the Definitive Weatherstrip Guide. I bought an upper tailgate seal from SLO and am getting around to installation. I can't figure out how this thing is installed. My 55 had no weratherstrip at all on the tailgate so I have nothing to compare it to. I just asked SLO to...
  18. residualboulders

    Auxilary Switches

    Where you guys putting aux switches for lighting and such? Not much room on the 55 dash. I've been trying to figure out a clean solution. Couldn't find anything in the search. Pics?
  19. residualboulders

    Anyone with Stock Upholstery in their 55?

    Getting my seats redone. I'd like to replicate the stock stitching pattern. Would anyone be willing to measure out the spacing of stitch lines left to right? Mine were reupholstered by the PO some time ago and there is no stitching at all so I can't measure this on my own.
  20. residualboulders

    FJ55 Dual Battery Tray

    anyone running dual batteries in their 55? Only threads i can find are pretty old and products not available anymore. My 55 has AC and all emissions stuff still on the motor so it's pretty tight in the bay. I'd love to see what you have done.
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