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    Best Rooftop tent option?

    Which rack are you running? Nice looking 60 BTW.
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    Got my INTI roof rack

    Is yours a full length or 3/4 length?
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    GPS Looking for opinions on other Garmin GPS Systems.

    The 60 CS is awesome, I borrowed a friend's before I bit the bullet and buy one. The problem I have always had with the vehicle mounted gps units is what if you break down and have to walk out? :D
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    Tuffy security box 046 anyone using one?

    Is anyone using one of these and how do you like it. The 046 is the one that opens on the side and the top, I debating wether permanent lockable storage is better or just soft duffles.
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    Expedition websites/magazine

    In France they have a full blown mag for Cruisers only, which is a lot like the Aussie mags. I'll have to dig the last issue up, there also some some nice cruiser shops over there and Northern Africa isn't that far away. If you're ever in Nimes France go see the guys at Le Dream Team, they...
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    More trailers...

    Seriously, how hard would it be to build one of these? It's all straight sheet metal and square corners, no tricky fab skills needed. Hmmm...
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    More trailers...

    A friend of mine sent me this link, they look pretty sweet but I couldn't find any pricing on the site. It's probably just me.
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