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  1. matzell

    Lynchburg Lemonade, matzell's STW

    So what is a STW? When one has wheeled on 37-40 tires for the past 20 years something smaller is a "Small Tire Wheeler" What is Lynchburg Lemonade? If you do not know, you should try one. A refreshing drink made from some sweet stuff and some hard stuff. This project is a "getting back to...
  2. matzell

    H42 top plate switches?

    So I was looking in my stash of trannys for a reverse switch and came across two trans that have an extra switch/sensor in the top. I know the rear switch is the reverse switch. What does the other one do? One still has a plug on it. I have searched but can not come up with anything. SOR...
  3. matzell

    H41 shifter detent spring??? Found issue!

    I picked up a non-USA H41 trans recently. The guy was nice enough to pull the shifter tower off so I could see inside. Why not take the whole shifter plate off? Anyway, one of the detent springs fell inside the trans. I found it and pulled it out. All three springs look to be the same. The...
  4. matzell

    Rustoleum Tuscan Sun for "Mustard Yellow" match??

    Has anyone used this to paint their 40? I am looking for a low budget paint job for a wheeling rig and wanted to know if this was a close color match. I will be starting from scratch so I do not need to match existing paint but want it to look close. I do not want school bus yellow or Cat...
  5. matzell

    Fall Crawl 2019 idea

    With our club getting smaller and life changes for everyone, I had an idea for Fall Crawl. We have had interest in going back to the Cove in Gore VA. They have a busy fall. Big Dogs is having their Fall Crawl the weekend of October 12th. My though it to go to that event and run in our own...
  6. matzell

    Reproduction bed panels

    Who makes good reproduction long wheel base bed panels and hooks? It looks like AWL_TEQ makes nice ones, I have not seen them in person. I have seen the Aqualu beds and they look good, not sure I want aluminum. Land Cruiser Heaven makes good looking panels but their welds are less than...
  7. matzell

    Anyone breaking Birfs with a front LSD?

    I bought a FJ40 that has a Auburn Pro series LSD in the front end. Open rear. I know how, why and when they work. IT IS NOT A LOCKER OR A ARB, I KNOW THAT. I have run lockers in the front of Toyotas and broken my share of Birfs. I am not looking to upgrade birfs or install a locker. I want...
  8. matzell

    Why put cheap no name tires on a 100k build?

    I see Orvis has a FJ40 for sale. This one looks to have no name generic Walley World or Pep Boys tires on it. I understand it will be a show piece but why skimp out on the tires. Yes they will never see 20k miles. They do not have to work off road because it will not go there. I see this in...
  9. matzell

    For those who think I am crazy, read this Good to see some fellow mudders making coments at the bottom.
  10. matzell

    Stamped bezel color for letters?

    I finally got my hands on a stamped bezel from a fellow mudder. It is a repo and came in bare steel. I plan to paint the white in Cygnus white but what color red was the lettering? At least from all the searches it appears it came in red. I thought about painting it body color? thanks in...
  11. matzell

    Wanted 1982 FJ40 body tub

    I know this is a long shot! Looking for a good tub before I buy a new Aqualu or Steel tub. Thanks
  12. matzell

    F155 head on 3FE block?

    I have checked the faqs. It is mentioned but never confirmed. From my research it looks like it will bolt up but may or may not have low compression. 1988 3fe block 1974 F155 head My thougth are that the F155 is hard to get parts for and may not be able to get rebuild. I sold my last one...
  13. matzell

    Who bought the 1975 FJ40 out of Richmond today?

    This guy brought it by my shop for me to get running, I told him $1500 was not going to do it. I asked if he wanted to sell it, he says, $4000-5000. I told him when he really wanted to sell it call me. I found out yesterday he posted it on FB. He made a deal with a fellow Mudder on here and...
  14. matzell

    MUDShip Denver Co to Richmond Va- August 2019?\

    EDIT: This may happen Labor Day weekend. Still working it out. I have a friend that needs a vehicle shipped to Denver Colorado area. I do not have any dates set yet. I will have a trailer of some sort when I go. 12' or 30' depending on what I do when I go out. Either way I will have...
  15. matzell

    Need wire identification for 78 Fj40

    I am having trouble figuring out where these wires go. They come out of the harness at the back of the t-case. I know the light blue and red tracer goes to the back up light switch. (LR). What I need to figure out is what do the two light blue (L) go to? Thanks in advance
  16. matzell

    LHD and RHD parking brake assembly

    I bought a t-case and did not pay too much attention to the brake until I went to hook it up. The cable comes out of the right side. I went back and grabbed another case and found it has the normal cable coming out the left side. I guess I never thought about having a left and right set up...
  17. matzell

    For Sale EGR system of 1978 FJ40

    I pulled this off a 78 2F engine. Appears to be all there and in good shape. I have no idea what these things go for so I will ask $50 plus shipping, and go from there. located in Richmond Va. 23230 I am heading to Rausch Creek this weekend Oct 11-13 and can bring with me.
  18. matzell

    For Sale FJ40 nerf bars

    $40 obo Located in Richmond VA 23230
  19. matzell

    Parting Out 1983 FJ60- VA

    I picked up a parts truck for a few parts but it still has some stuff that could be of use for someone. ITEMS THAT I PLAN TO KEEP: front axle rear axle rear driveshaft power steering box and lines front leaf springs rear leaf springs front sway bar brake booster and master cylinder frame What...
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