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  1. JaketheSSnake

    New FOO

    Awesome, glad to see this rig in good hands. When I saw it for sale I questioned everything I bought in the last 2-3 years that prevented me from buying it, such an awesome rig!
  2. JaketheSSnake

    Interco TSL SXII

    Iirc, they were around 36.5"+ tall when full of air and mounted. I still need to trim my fenders and I probably won't even get it on the trails until August unfortunately. I'm happy with the height and I have no doubt I'll love them on the trail compared to the bfg ats they replaced. Sorry I...
  3. JaketheSSnake

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    Damnit, I knew I should've bought them back when they were somewhat common.
  4. JaketheSSnake

    Air Conditioning 39 degrees

    I forgot how nice the ac in my 80 was until it leaked out and I drove it 4hrs in 90+ degree heat. It's absolutely miserable driving down the interstate with the windows down. The noise was worse than the heat. I put a full can into the next morning and it worked great. Now to find the leak.
  5. JaketheSSnake

    Window Screens/Socks 80/LX450 100/LX470

    Used mine last weekend. I wish I had them for all the doors. I'm going to try some magnetic ones for the rear sliders and maybe make a similar one for the sunroof. Glad I got the lcp ones when I did :)
  6. JaketheSSnake

    Dobinson MRR (A)

    What springs are you running? Definitely update when you put them to work!
  7. JaketheSSnake

    Delta VS Radius Arms

    Awesome! I was about to bump this thread the other day asking about the long arms.
  8. JaketheSSnake

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    Ugh, I need to get a factory gasket. My windshield was replaced previously and it it doesn't fit very well. So much so that it pushes the cowl out and rubs the hood. Hopefully it's the gasket and not the glass.
  9. JaketheSSnake

    Dashboard crack prevention?

    Yup, I'm pretty certain mine cracked during an Arctic blast we had a few years ago. The whole truck creaked and popped when I got in it :(
  10. JaketheSSnake

    Events/Trails T.W.A.T. June 5th, 6th, and 7th Who's interested?

    Like usual, tons of work to get ready! Can't wait for this, going to be a nice get away for us.
  11. JaketheSSnake

    Additional height added by Prinsu roof rack?

    Unless they redesigned them it's way less than 6", probably closer to 3-4". They're maybe an inch from touching the strips on the roof and then it's just the height of the cross bars
  12. JaketheSSnake

    1FZ-FE Inside the frame Y-pipe

    Well it showed back up in stock through Partsouq as I was looking for other stuff last night. Order was canceled within 2hrs lol.
  13. JaketheSSnake

    Tall Corn Cruisers-Introductions

    We're having a meeting this Saturday in Marshalltown if you can make it! Not much action on here, but most of us are on Facebook if that's an option.
  14. JaketheSSnake

    Interco TSL SXII

    OK, so after working a long shift and checking them at 2 in the morning I might have been a little off :eek:. Looks like they're right around 36 so they might be pretty true once aired up.
  15. 20210323_114915.jpg


    37x12r16 super swamper tsl sx2
  16. JaketheSSnake

    Interco TSL SXII

    Yes, unmounted. I've heard the official rating is mounted full of air, but not on the vehicle or bearing weight. I'll check all 3 and take pics when I do it.
  17. JaketheSSnake

    Interco TSL SXII

    SX2-80. The 37x12r16s
  18. JaketheSSnake

    Interco TSL SXII

    Well I got my sx2s in today that I ordered from 4wp a few weeks ago. They measure 35.5" unmounted. I guess that's on par with my current 315 ko2s running around 33.5". It'll probably be a few weeks before I get them mounted and I'll measure before and after they're on the truck. The tread lugs...
  19. JaketheSSnake

    Builds Broski's Adventure Rig build thread

    How are the rocker mounted sliders holding up? Lots of cool details in this build!
  20. JaketheSSnake

    Contemplating Inner fender replacement

    Good deal, definitely not too bad to do. I ordered a fender from a junkyard last year and asked if it came with the inner fender. He said yes. Then I got just the outer shipped to me. I went round and round with him as he insisted the inner was welded to the body structure. NO IT ISN'T! That...
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