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  1. 74HogGuy

    AGFC Ad

    AGFC knows what’s up! Sweet looking 80. Does it belong to anyone here?
  2. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  FJ40 Split Hood [AR]

    1971 and older split hood with spear (Hood latches not included). Hood is in so-so shape, but is solid with little to no rust. Has seen the typical crease across top, but has been hammered out (not perfect...I’m no body man!). Also has stress cracks by each hood tie down. Also a dent on the...
  3. 74HogGuy

    Wanted  FJ40 Split Hood

    Looking for one in immaculate shape. No dents or rust. Spear included preferred. I’m located in Fayetteville, AR. Thanks, Justin
  4. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  Misc FJ40 stuff

    Random stuff. $35+shipping for all of it. Should all fit in a medium USPS flat rate.
  5. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  FJ40 Tailgate Hardware

    Selling some tailgate hardware. What you see in the picture is all I have. $250/shipped.
  6. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  FJ80 Flat Pitman Arm and HD Drag Link (Relay Rod)

    Selling a flat FJ80 pitman arm and a heavy duty 1 1/4” DOM drag link/relay rod. Rod is tapped 23mm left hand thread on one end and 21mm right hand thread in the other end and is 32.5” long and includes lock nuts. This set up is used for upgrading to FJ60 or FJ80 power steering. You’ll need a...
  7. 74HogGuy

    Wanted  Non-working FJ40 bib light housing

    Working on some clearance issues and was wondering if anyone had an old housing I can cut up to mock up purposes.
  8. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  FJ80 Flat/Straight Pitman Arm

    Bought this from Iron Pig Off-road for $87.10 new. Only used for mock up. Will fit FJ60 box, but allows you to use larger 80-series TRE. Selling due to upgrading to 105 series sector shaft which requires 105 Pitman arm. $50/shipped.
  9. 74HogGuy

    SOLD  FJ80 Pitman Arm

    80-series pitman arm. $30/shipped.
  10. 74HogGuy

    Wanted  FJ80 Power Steering Sector Shaft

    Probably a long shot, but I sent off a 80 box that I picked up here on mud and shipped it off to WTOR for a rebuild. They just informed me that the sector shaft is warped and I can either find another one or I can get a new box. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Justin
  11. 74HogGuy

    Borgeson U-joint Installation Help Needed

    I’ve read several different things saying to not weld the borgeson steering U-joint to the steering column and others that say just weld it. I’m using the 3/4” bore ujoint and it doesn’t come with a provision to pin it. I’ve also read just to weld slow and let cool and keep a wet cloth on the...
  12. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  Remove

    Duplicate...mud is cracking out...
  13. 74HogGuy

    SOLD  Early License Plate bracket

    SOLD $50/shipped.
  14. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  [AR] FJ40 H55f Crossmember and Trans tunnel cover

    I’ll probably regret selling this, but have decided to go NV4500 instead of the H55f to run behind an LS3 so I won’t be needing this. $450/shipped. Located in Fayetteville, AR
  15. 74HogGuy

    For Sale  555 Drag Link End (FJ60)

    New 555 FJ60 drag link end. Not using this end on my new steering setup as I’m using an FJ80 end so this is up for sale. $20+shipping.
  16. 74HogGuy

    OEM Front Fender Question

    About to remove my mini truck power steering box in favor of an FJ80 box. Question for the sages. Were all fenders created the same? Are there any drivers side fenders (non US) that lack the provision for the steering gear box like the like the passenger side? If so, are they still available...
  17. 74HogGuy

    Proper TRE spline engagement?

    Started my power steering conversion going from mini truck to 80-series. Picked up a heavy duty tie rod and drag link from IPOR and I feel like they may be a tad short. I’m getting not quite an inch (7/8”) thread engagement into the tie rod. If I back the lock nuts out I have over an 1...
  18. 74HogGuy

    FJ80 P/S Box Question

    I'm looking to install a FJ80 power steering box into my 40 and coming up short on which Borgeson u-joint I need to connect from the box to the collapsible shaft. I found this below for 60 series boxes and was wondering if anyone knew if they are the same spline size. "The input shaft on a 60...
  19. 74HogGuy

    SOLD  HFS Shocks

    Selling a set of HFS shocks that are made for a 4” lift. Less than 200 miles on them, but scuffed up from rolling around on the garage floor. I upgraded to Bilsteins so no longer need these. $100/shipped. Located in Fayetteville, AR.
  20. 74HogGuy

    Wanted  Early Half Doors

    Seeing if anyone has a set of early style FJ40 half doors they aren't using. Let me know what you have. Thanks! What I’m looking for:
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