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    Rear Brake Wheel Cylinders

    One of mine is leaking and has corrosion. Would prefer just replacing both on left side. I'm in Atlanta and would like to complete this project tomorrow. Anyone in town have new units available? Could use brake springs too. Thx Chris
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    It worked out...just a family feud.
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    Dan - Box arrived. I saw the mirrors and than the replacements, whew. I've been made whole and my comments stop here.
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    447xpro- did you send the keys for the door locks with the hardware shipment?
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    447XPRO- thank you for the tracking number! I'd apologize for the mistakes or just not respond any further to this thread. When you didn't follow through with my transaction, why couldn't you just apologize and work to make it right? Had do this myself on Wednesday. Thats what people of good...
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    So far no second box . I'll take you up on the tracking number please. Received $74 via paypal a moment ago. Appreciate that!
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    In light of the errors, why don't you just send me $200.00 for the top and sell it to someone else? You'll be out zero especially since I paid top dollar for everything else? I live in Georgia, you're in New Jersey...the opportunity to come get it has passed. $400 in gas and 4 days off from work.
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    I've had problems with 447xpro too. Doesn't keep his commitments and then blames you.
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    Appreciate you sending the balance of the order. You told me via email it went out yesterday but when it shows up, I'll let everyone know you followed through. You being from New Jersey I won't be surprised if my aunt Lucy's right ear is in the box. No quitter here... I posted the shipment...
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    The Bad - Ordered $2300 worth of parts. After I received a request via paypal to pay (I assume Dan sent it) , I paid the amount in full. A day later Dan emails me and expresses his disappointment I paid using paypal. At this point I'm confused but he has my $2300 and I don't want to cause any...
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    Diesel Cruiser Stranded at 12,000 ft

    Pay a sharp mechanic whatever it takes to get him to go up and resolve the issue with you. I'd have a second vehicle in the flatlands on cell phone ready to run parts to you if needed.
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    Confer Aux Tank Schematic

    I have the above installed in my 77 and I can not switch tanks. Just runs off the main tank. Appears to be either a bad fuel tank selector switch or tank selector module or whatever it's called is bad. Thanks - Chris
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    My new 82 FJ40 w only 41K miles!

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    Wheel selection

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    CCOT (Standens) Leaf Springs

    One spring has an extra plate on it. Something to do with body's coming back to me.
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    CCOT (Standens) Leaf Springs

    I'm in the middle of installing a 4" lift I bought from CCOT. Front is done but just noticed the rear springs have different part numbers and I don't know if one goes on the left or right. They both have 2 part numbers on them. I have : (1) CC-40R (also has TO57D written on it) and (1) CC-40RP...
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    FJ40 Parts - Brand New Carb OEM!, Tow Bar, Warn Winch + Free Rack

    I understand a negative response to my comment but holding up a sale is intended for someone to drive out a long distance to inspect or arrange financing or alike. What happened to first come first serve? It shouldn't take 24 hours for someone decide to spend $600. It's his to sell and under his...
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    FJ40 Parts - Brand New Carb OEM!, Tow Bar, Warn Winch + Free Rack

    24 hours? Geez...Accept my full price offer or I move on.
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    For Sale 1982 hardtop complete

    PM sent. I'll take everything if it fits a 1977?
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    Wanted Complete Hard Top and All 4 Doors

    Still looking folks
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