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  1. thedoughboy

    Yellow Box - Customer Support

    About 4 years ago I installed a Yellow Box to correct the speedo/odometer for non stock tires. Everything worked perfectly until last month. The speedo/odometer works at start-up, then stops working after 3-5 miles. If I bypass the Yellow Box everything works as designed, just not at the...
  2. thedoughboy

    No Speedometer/Odometer - Intermittent

    1995 - 300,000+ miles As the title says, my speedometer/odometer is not working intermittently. The pattern is, initially both work, after about 5 miles of driving both stop working. I have read through all of the posts I could find. Most fix this problem by replacing the VSS. My VSS is...
  3. thedoughboy

    Serial Number on Head?

    Is there a serial number, or some type of identification, on the head that associates it with the block?
  4. thedoughboy

    AT Oil Cooler - Aftermarket Replacement Suggestions

    My oil cooler is beat up. It's original, not leaking, but is in bad shape. I'd like to replace it as part of my PM. I see that it is now a discontinued part. There are lot's of aftermarket options out there. What you used when replacing your oil cooler? Make and model number would help...
  5. thedoughboy

    Wiper Motor - Growl of Death

    I think I know the answer but thought I'd post it up here to get some feedback. It has been raining quite a bit in Northern California. Two days ago I jumped in my cruiser, started it up, turned the wipers on, and heard what appears to be a "Growl of Death" coming from the wiper motor. I did...
  6. thedoughboy

    Head Gasket Mechanic - Bay Area

    I live in Santa Cruz but am having difficulty finding a mechanic willing to tackle this job. I have been prepping for this job as I knew it was inevitable. I wanted to tackle this myself but am too busy to do it. I have a 1995 with 280,000. All the signs of a blown head gasket. I will...
  7. thedoughboy

    Mechanic - Santa Cruz, CA

    Just like that...poof! The white smoke of the dreaded head gasket. At 279,000 I am pretty sure it just happened. 1995 that has been so reliable to me. I have been prepping mentally to tackle this project by myself. As life has it, I cannot make this happen at this time. I will do all the...
  8. thedoughboy

    Tailgate Hole Pattern: dxf file

    Does anyone have (and is willing to share) a dxf file with the tailgate hole pattern? I am getting ready to skin my tailgate with diamond plate. This would save me a lot of time. Thanks in Advance
  9. thedoughboy

    AC Evaporator /Thermistor- Question

    I am replacing my AC evaporator and am wondering about how the thermistor is shoved into the evaporator's fins. Just for the record I am assuming this is the thermistor...see the picture for details. Is this normal? Just shove the white plastic piece into the fins?
  10. thedoughboy

    OBDII Reader for Under $15

    For those of you who need an OBDII reader here is one for under $15. I have no affiliation with this company but thought some here could use a good stocking stuffer: Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN-BUS OBDII Check Engine Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner
  11. thedoughboy

    AC Compressor?

    Is this a common AC compressor failure point? The first 2 pictures were taken 2 months ago after a 3000+ mile road trip. The AC worked, except for in Vegas after driving for 6 hours and the outside temp being 100+. I cleaned the area, drove it for 2 months and snapped the 3rd picture tonight.
  12. thedoughboy

    Spade Size - Rear Defrost Switch

    Picked up a few Rear Defrost Switches to hook up a few accessories. Unfortunately, they came without the pigtails. So, I need to fab some harnesses. Does anyone know the what size female spade fits on these switches? My calipers don't quite fit in there for an accurate reading.
  13. thedoughboy

    Repurposing Switches - Anyone use Laser Cut Labels?

    I have read the process that @NLXTACY posted here: SWITCH RELABLES- printable single sheet I have tried this technique and am just not happy with my results. It's probably me but the plastic is opaque and the results look home made. I was wondering if anyone has access and/or used a laser...
  14. thedoughboy

    SPAL Auxiliary Fan Install

    I have been wanting to add an auxiliary fan to help with my AC system when driving at slow speeds with a heat soaked engine. I did a little research and found a 12" paddle blade pusher fan with a 20amp motor. It is made by SPAL and was right around $100 delivered. Initial impressions are...
  15. thedoughboy

    Overdrive Bulb - Part #

    My local Toyota Service Parts Center could not figure out the part number for the Overdrive (dash) indicator bulb. Can anyone help me out?
  16. thedoughboy

    Cruise Control Turning Off with LED Tail Lights - FIX

    I read a lot of threads about this. A lot of Mudders installed a small bulb to add resistance. Others, installed a resistor but did not identify what type. So, I thought I'd post this as it is a :banana: repair. I installed some LED tail lights and my cruise control would turn off whenever I...
  17. thedoughboy

    Resitor for LED Tail Lights

    I have searched and read a lot of threads on this topic. I have installed LED tail lights. When the cruise control is set my turn signals turn it off. All of the threads I have read say to install a small bulb or resistor. I do not want to install a bulb. Does anyone know what size...
  18. thedoughboy

    JW Speaker 30w Cree Led Fog/Driving Lights

    Has anyone seen these in action? They are 4" 30 watt LED fog/driving lights. The expensive ones are J.W. Speaker lights. There are knockoffs on Amazon and Ebay too. They are designed to fit in the newer Jeep driving light locations. I am assuming Jeep owners are buying them as an upgrade to...
  19. thedoughboy

    EP 34 Flasher...Still Fast Flash Rate

    I recently purchased a Tridon EP-34 off Amazon but received a Novita EP-34 flasher instead. They appear to be the same unit. I have LED turn signal bulbs at all 4 corners. This flasher fixed the "hyper-flashing" I was experiencing but the flash rate is faster than the OEM unit. Have others...
  20. thedoughboy

    Breeze Constant Torque Clamps - A Comprehensive List - Anyone?

    I have never been able to justify spending the $ on those fancy constant torque clamps. However, after changing my heater control valve this past weekend I realized how damaging the cheap clamps really are. The expensive silicone heater hose I used last summer was clearly damaged by the cheap...
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