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  1. MadMace

    For Sale Sacramento Ca

    Sounds great. Shipping to 78261. Let me know what I owe you and where to send PayPal payment.
  2. MadMace

    For Sale Sacramento Ca

    I could use these horn parts. Please let me know how much.
  3. MadMace

    For Sale Sacramento Ca

    @hyhpe Paul, were you looking for a spare tire carrier hinge? I think that is one in the second to last picture.
  4. MadMace

    What paint is this?

    Another thing you can try is full strength Super Clean (the purple stuff you can get from Walmart). I have been working on my 1963 Fj45–trying to remove two layers of a respray while preserving the original paint underneath; it has worked the best. Spray on full strength, leave it in for a few...
  5. MadMace

    Wanted Parts Catalogs 1963, 1964

    Current prices on E-Bay will definitely make you raise your eyebrows and shake your head. Hope all is well with you. I still love the Con-Ferr lock box you sold me for my 40!!
  6. MadMace

    Wanted  Parts Catalogs 1963, 1964

    I am looking for original parts catalogs for 1963, 1964. I'd be interested in any other manuals from those years as well. Prefer that the catalogs/manuals include parts for FJ45LP. Condition does not matter.
  7. MadMace

    The TexaCali 45 Emprise—Dani California Rising

    Getting closer to trying to get this girl started. Going over the wiring. Pulled the fuse block to clean it up. Looks like the 2 top 15A fuses still have a hint of blue—I can’t imaging they are original but maybe. Now the bottom 30A fuse—I’m having a hard time finding a part number for that...
  8. MadMace

    Bonnie '62 FST in WA

    The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum has this 1962. It might be useful as a picture reference. It, along with their 1963 and 1964 have been very helpful for my late 1963 FJ45 refresh.
  9. MadMace

    Wanted  Early, short running boards/side steps

    Need a pair of short running boards for my 1963 FJ45.
  10. MadMace

    For Sale OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Microfiche

    For sure!! I received these the day before yesterday and they are awesome. Took some time to remember how to use a microfiche reader. I’ve reached out to a local company here to see if it is something they can do. Plan is to convert them to a digital file that I can e-mail to people—at no...
  11. MadMace

    MUDShip Atlanta to central Texas, Oklahoma

    Still looking for some help getting these fenders and hood to San Antonio. Willing to drive a good distance from San Antonio to get these. If your heading west from Atlanta and you‘ve got some room, please let me know.
  12. MadMace

    MUDShip Salt Lake City to Texas or Oklahoma

    Still looking for some help with these doors. If somebody can get these anywhere into Texas or southern Oklahoma, please let me know.
  13. MadMace

    For Sale Threee F. D KNOBS (My Brand New Version)

    Thanks. I checked my late model ‘63 and it’s a 5mm so unfortunately these won’t fit my truck.
  14. MadMace

    For Sale Threee F. D KNOBS (My Brand New Version)

    Can you please let me know what the thread size is on the knobs. If they match what is on my '63, I'll take one.
  15. MadMace

    Parting Out Parting out a 68 40 in NJ

    Hey Greg. Are the side steps/running boards still available. If so, what shape are they in?
  16. MadMace

    Wanted Front and Rear Propeller Shaft for 1963 45LPB

    Thanks Paul. I have learned so much from your thread. You had one post where you mentioned your rear diff being centered and that it changed to being off center to the right side on later ‘63s. I went right to the garage and checked and mine is off-center to the right. Our ‘63 has more in...
  17. MadMace

    The TexaCali 45 Emprise—Dani California Rising

    Great day to be 45 at our house. @Indygbd hooked us up with some great parts. Thanks Gabe!!
  18. MadMace

    For Sale OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Microfiche

    I don’t want to step on any toes or jump anybody in line. I’ll take it for $250 if people in front of me pass. I could really use these for my 1963 fj45 build.
  19. MadMace

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 parts; fan shroud, splash guard, heater, gauge cluster, carb. West Chester PA

    I'll take the carb. Please let me know how much to add for shipping to 78261.
  20. MadMace

    For Sale OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Microfiche

    I’d like to be second in line for these.
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