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  1. nicholas

    For Sale  FZJ80 wheels set of 5 Spokane, WA

    I have a set of five 80 series wheels from my rig I sold. They won’t fit a 5th gen 4Runner much to my disappointment so I’m going to free up some garage space. Some scuffs but decent overall shape. Tires are 50% or less TOYO open country 295’s. They are the shank style, NON-acorn. $300 and can...
  2. nicholas

    For Sale  1997 LX450 supercharged WA state

    Sold....... :frown: I've finally decided to sell my 80 although I know I'm probably going to regret it. It has been my dream rig since Jr. High and I didn't think I'd ever sell it. I've spent a lot of time maintaining it but I've only had the time to take it on a few mild trails. Its a third...
  3. nicholas

    MUDShip  Grand Junction to SLC anytime.

    I am looking to get a couple of old Honda 3 wheelers atc90 from Grand Junction Colorado to Salt Lake City Utah sometime before December preferably. Perhaps someone is coming to cruiserfest with an empty trailer or has room? Thanks in advance Nick
  4. nicholas

    For Sale  NV 100 series (LX470) FSM, oil filters, engine skirts

    Hi, I sold my wifes LX470 a while ago and I have some things left over. LX470 Factory Service Manual and electrical diagram. $75 2 oil filters (I think they're mobile 1, I'll have to check when I get home) Engine bay skits for the front wheel wells - make offer. Tundra/sequoia 5 lug wheel...
  5. nicholas

    For Sale  2000 LX470 white NV

    *************Sold************* 2000 Lexus LX470 / Toyota Land Cruiser Reno, NV Here is a link to my wife's LX470. Price is negotiable for mud members. I'm posting this from my phone but I can post more pictures and answer any questions when I get to a desktop. Price $10,000 obo.
  6. nicholas

    Help Identifying Bolt next to alternator

    Hey guys, I'm wrapping up a TB/water pump/DT header install. This isn't the first time the motor has been apart and so I'm not sure the PO's mechanic had put everything back together correctly. I've had to buy a correct specialty stud etc. After I was wrapping things up, I noticed a hole...
  7. nicholas

    Cracked crank pulley / harmonic balancer?

    I'm in the middle of a timing belt and water pump job on my wifes 2000 LX 470 . It has around 180 k miles. The PO had a "high end used car dealer" change the timing belt at 134 k miles 3 years ago as part of the deal when he bought the rig. He was unsure if they did the water pump too. I had a...
  8. nicholas

    For Sale  80 Series OEM parts- Brake lines, Pads, center caps, Idler pulley, TEQ cap etc

    I used to have two 80 series cruisers and I have some duplicate spare parts that I never installed. All parts include shipping to the lower 48. I'm moving in a few weeks so I'd like to get these sold. I can possibly combine shipping and offer lower prices if buying multiple items. Feel...
  9. nicholas

    Home made drawer slides, strong and cheap.

    I stumbled across a nice home made drawer setup that I had to share since I've seen folks asking about where to find cheap, heavy duty drawer slides. This set up looks strong and it uses easy to find/cheap materials like skateboard/rollerblade bearings, T-nuts, and 1" square tubing...
  10. nicholas

    Tucson climbers?

    We have a lot of rock crawlers here but do and CSC folks climb? I've been out of practice for about a decade but I've recently got back into it with my 3&5 yr old boys. I built a backyard woody and it's been fun for us and it will be nice and convenient for rebuilding my strength. I'd like to...
  11. nicholas

    For Sale  1993 locked FZJ80 in AZ

    ***SOLD****** Unfortunately the time has come to sell my wife’s 80. We’ve had a good run at being a two 80 family, but alas, my wife wants something smaller like a Rav4, CRV, or maybe even an Accord or Camry :eek: It makes me sad to see it go, but as they say happy wife= happy...
  12. nicholas

    wheeling trip friday 11/16 or 11/17?

    Hey guys, My vacation starts at 6:30am on Friday Nov 16th and so I was wondering if anyone is down for some wheeling on the 16th or 17th. I dont have any specific trails in mind as Im still new to the area. Just let me know if anyone has a trail they've been wanting to run.
  13. nicholas

    Western states trail rides or events 9/28/12 - 10/08/12?

    I Have vacation during these dates and would to do a trail sometime between 9/28/12 to 10/08/12. I can tailor our trip to accommodate most western states . Any Southwest west or North west (OR, WA, ID, AZ,NM, SoCal, UT, CO ) trail rides or events Sept 28th and Oct 8th 2012? Thanks in advance!
  14. nicholas

    front gears visible from fill plug?

    I was checking my front diff fluid level in my wife's 93 and noticed there was a large flange of metal visible from the fill hole. I've never noticed that before. Also, Ive been running without a front driveline with the cdl locked for the past year, so I havent been able to see if it makes any...
  15. nicholas

    Cross country trip (OH to AZ) with an 80 in tow.

    I originally posted a thread in chat about this adventure, but I had to go all HGTD on it because I was a bit paranoid the "authorities" might catch wind of the thread an the evidence it contained. But now the truck is safely returned I'll repost the pics. I had read that an 80 will technically...
  16. nicholas

    For Sale  FZJ80 electric block heater

    I have a canadian made Napa engine block heater NIB that I never got around to installing. I'm moving to AZ next week, so I definitely won't be needing to install it anymore. 40+ shipping usps.
  17. nicholas

    towing a 20' enclosed trailer behind an 80

    We have a rather big move in May from OH to AZ. Its going to be pretty spendy to rent and drive a 24' budget truck and I was wondering if I should consider buying an enclosed 20' trailer instead as I've found them for pretty cheap on the used market. I think if we downsized a bit we could jam...
  18. nicholas

    5 wheels from SF Bay area to anywhere in UT, AZ or OH/L/IN/IA/NE

    Thanks Rhino!
  19. nicholas

    anybody use these on a 3 link?

    Found these at tractor supply company. (Insert Hillbilly icon) I had a customer come ask me how long they extend. Im not sure why he thought I worked there. Strong enough for farm implement, strong enough for a cruiser? J/k.
  20. nicholas

    93 beater face lift

    After gutting the completely non functional and water logged ac system (the po stating it worked just didn't have a belt) I decided to paint the grill and freshen it up a bit. It turned out pretty good imo for using rattlecan.
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