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    Wanted  ARB Tire deflator kit

    Looking Good used arb tire deflator .
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    Wanted  Yellow foglight

    Used round yellow fog lights pair
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    Wanted  Holley Red electric fuel pump

    Looking for a good used holley red electric fuel pump.
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    Wanted  Arb breather kit universal

    Looking for ARB breather kit universal for japanese 4x4
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    Wanted  Masterpull synthetic winch rope

    Need a good used mastetpull 5/16 20k lbs up pull rate synthetic winch rope
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    Suzuki  vitara/escudo parts forum

    I an an owner of a 1998 suzuki vitara . Would like help on were i can purchase parts As well as 4x4 upgrades
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    Any diffference with 40 and 60 fan clutch

    i am planning to replace my fan clutch with a 60 series fan clutch . I was researching and it seems the 60 is more of a heavy duty fan. My concern is will it fit my fj40 in terms of bolt pattern and fan size ?
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    Wanted  2F Fan and Fan Clutch

    Am in need of this .
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    Running board bolt is this correct?

    I was planning to put a hilift jack on my step board but this bolt is getting on the way. Ive seen 40s that dont have this bolt . How can i remove this and not to sacrifice the running board
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    Wanted  Power steering pulley

    Im looking for a pulley for this. I have no idea for what make/model this came from. I will be using this pump for a saginaw conversion.
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    How to identify h41 and h42 tranny

    How can i identify an h41 to h42 fj40 tranny?
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    Do i have the correct drivetrain combo

    My Fj40 now has h42 82 model , 3rd member ratio 4.11 running on 255/85 r16 tires.Do i have the correct combination?
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    Ac compressor /saginaw p/s pump mount

    Need some ideas for mounting aircon compressor and saginaw power steering pump on a 2f early model. Pics would be greatly appreciates
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    Fj40 coolant /water inquiry

    Im placing coolant in my radiator how many liters should i put in ?
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    Wanted  2f valve cover bolt

    Looking for 2 of this
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    Wanted  Early side mirror arms

    Good used driver and passenger side. Pics borrowed from google
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    Wanted  Factory winch Cable/chain /hook

    Am restoring factory winch and i am in need of the cable/chain/hook used
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    Factory winch cable,chain and hook

    Can you still buy original cables chain/hook good used not new?
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    Coolant inquiry

    How much coolant should be placed in a 2f ?
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