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  1. Trunk Monkey

    Rear brake caliper piston wedged

    Was replacing rear rotors on my truck, had the caliper off and sitting on the axle. When buttoning things back up, noticed the piston was almost all the way out of the caliper and was wedged a little off angle. Tried tapping/coaxing it back in with a c-clamp, no luck. Removed the brake line...
  2. Trunk Monkey

    ARB valve caps no good

    Let's say your boy goes to work for an ARB vendor, and let's say his first check he wants to get something from the shop, and let's say that something is ARB valve stem caps. Then let's say we fast forward a few months (about enough time for a dissimilar metals reaction to take place), you will...
  3. Trunk Monkey

    Storing gas power equipment

    Been poking around online at best methods for winter storing gas power equipment (2 stroke weeder, chainsaw; 4 stroke mower) and of course there's polar opposite opinions. Run them dry, don't EVER run them dry, etc. @D'Animal or others in the know, what do you do for longer term storage?
  4. Trunk Monkey

    Impact socket loose/wear?

    While doing some work on the truck last weekend had a new one, the impact socket I've used for years (22mm for the 100), the lug nut bound up in it. Had to tap a couple of them out from the drive side. Just need a new socket or maybe the lug nuts are rounding a little from the years? I know...
  5. Trunk Monkey

    For Sale  Local classifieds - '03 LC with 60k miles, $30k no affiliation
  6. Trunk Monkey

    Tool battery wth - back to life

    Someone who's smarter about batteries splain this to me. So I have a couple of B&D 40v lithium batteries for a blower/trimmer setup. One battery decided to stop charging past two bars last week and the charger instantly blinks red. Look online, find a vid of a guy, also with B&D batts, saying...
  7. Trunk Monkey

    Costco/Kirkland synthetic oil deal - 10q for $25 shipped. next couple days

    Didn't know Costco had their own oil brand. $25 for two 5 q. bottles, shipping included.
  8. Trunk Monkey

    Portable shop heater

    Simple question, which style works better? I've heard from buddies that love both. Seems like the can would be more ambient heat and the torpedo would be directional, but any first hand use of one or the other people have preferred?
  9. Trunk Monkey

    Time for my own starting issue

    Appears it's finally time for my own starting issue. As I've watched similar threads over the years here haven't noticed anything with these symptoms. It's cold here finally, teens at night. About a month ago, got in the truck after it sat in the garage overnight, went to start it, got a half...
  10. Trunk Monkey

    Adding shower to existing tub

    Our 70's house main bathroom oddly doesn't have a shower, just a tub. Adding one in for teenage kids so they'll stop using ours. Pulled out the surround and drywall and am looking at this. Am I correct in thinking I can put pull the top plug, thread in an adapter and pipe, run that up to a...
  11. Trunk Monkey

    eBay  1997 80 series, ARB, Slee, lifted

    Elderly couple in our club selling their FZJ80. Great truck, I've wheeled with them many times. They don't abuse their vehicles and never took it on anything that would risk body damage. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  12. Trunk Monkey

    HF floor jack leaking

    My 10 year old HF floor jack is leaking pretty good. I wiped it down to see if I could get a read on where specifically is leaking, it appears to be from where the jack body presses into the base. I doubt there's a seal in there, seems like it would just be press fit? I thought it would more...
  13. Trunk Monkey

    Echo blower help

    Neighbor brought me his Echo PB251 blower. It would idle and occasionally be able to throttle up, but once it was at max, it would die out. I figured it was the carb and ethanol gas. Ordered a replacement kit off Amazon, replaced: - carb - spark plug - fuel lines - fuel filter - air filter...
  14. Trunk Monkey

    Help diagnosing front end squeak

    99 with 200k in it. I've got a front end squeak that's making me crazy. Suddenly appeared a week ago when it got really cold, it's warmed up a little since but the noise decided to stay. Happens when I lift up and down on the front bumper as well as when I turn the steering. I know at 200k...
  15. Trunk Monkey

    Can't post pics using Firefox

    May just be me, my PC, my ISP, who knows, but maybe someone else is seeing this issue. The upload file button in Firefox (latest version 49.0.2) is a white box. I can still click on it and it gives me a file explorer for my PC. If I select an image I get this. No issues in Chrome. Just...
  16. Trunk Monkey

    For Sale  Lightforce 240XGT 100w off-road lights

    Selling my Lightforce 240XGT lights. Huge lights, 10" diameter. Lightweight polycarbonate housings with clip on lenses. Comes with spot lenses and black covers. Good condition, no cracks in the housings, usual bugs on the lenses. Have never driven around with them without the protective lenses...
  17. Trunk Monkey

    Programming a master or valet key

    This is known to work for 98-02 LC/LX and possibly 05-07. 03/04 supposedly have a different transponder chip in the key which requires dealer programming. Heavy YMMV on all of this with model year differences and numerous different sequences floating around out there. Steps taken from...
  18. Trunk Monkey

    For Sale  2001 UZJ100 Land Cruiser FSM - SOLD

    Bought these for another truck and won't be able to use them. Good condition, includes the 2 main manuals as well as the electrical wiring diagrams. $80 + media mail shipping (cheap!).
  19. Trunk Monkey

    Honda mower carb

    Ten year old Honda mower was starting to have issues idling, surging up and down and sometimes dying when dropping the throttle to idle. I poked around several forums that talked about rebuilds, priced it out locally - $50-60, and then came across one post mentioning just replacing the whole...
  20. Trunk Monkey

    Lock ring pliers on sale

    If you ever do axle work, these are one of those "why the hell didn't I buy these years ago" types of things. And, they're on sale:
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