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  1. Wompom

    For Sale  Seattle, WA: OME Medium Rears (80/100 series)

    Ran for about 5k miles before swapping for heavies once i put drawers in. Still in great shape, tags on em. $120 in Seattle.
  2. Wompom

    craigslist  Rusty E-Locker Axles, Somewhere in the ocean? Low price of $5500

    Man. I know 80 prices are going up but waaaaat? CL Link - NOT MINE Maybe someone can get a good deal to clean em up and go factory lockers.
  3. Wompom

    Help: Quick add for a blue sea 1039 dual charger

    Help me out here. Trying to pop a Blue sea 1039 USB into the truck for a last minute trip. I'm debating two things: 1 - add a fuse off the main fuse panel under the steering wheel - which fuse? 2 - jump off the seat heater power under the console. Not sure about this one. I'm not an...
  4. Wompom

    Tire Input - 315s/35s for my turbo'd almost DD'd 80 that sees snow/winter!

    Time to make a decision on tires for my 80. Its driven year round in conditions from Moab to Skiing baker. Truck is in great shape and has a turbo, so not too concerned with weight of tire A vs B. I've been back and forth on tires for months and with an upcoming camping trip need to pull the...
  5. Wompom

    craigslist  $7500 cruiser that fell off a trailer

    Craigslist link He knows what he has....
  6. Wompom

    For Sale  Seattle, WA: Misc 1FZ/80 Series Parts - A LOT OF EM

    Cleaning out the garage due to most likely having to move into an apartment. need all this stuff gone ASAP. Most are from my engine rebuild (had a donor motor) Located in Seattle, WA. Due to life being hectic right now local sales get priority. Parts: Engine harness - was replaced during...
  7. Wompom

    Wanted  WA: 80 series rear bumper w/tire carrier

    Going up to 35s and need to get the tire up. Located in Seattle. Doubt I'll get anything from this but figure its worth asking before i pull the trigger on one. Interested in 4x4 labs slee anything really... Lemme know if you're looking to get rid of something!
  8. Wompom

    OME BP-51 - Who's Installed? Looking for advice on rear lower mount

    All - In the process of installing my rear BP-51s. Front was easy and took a few hrs, mostly due to bracket fiddling and such. On the rear the instructions have you install a weird order of washers on the lower shock post. There are three washer sizes they send you: -small, x3 per shock...
  9. Wompom

    craigslist  WA: 99 LC with some bumpers/slee sliders

    Somehow this ended up at a s***ty dealership. Might be a good deal for someone. craigslist Link
  10. Wompom

    craigslist  "I Know What I Have" - 97 in Seattle Area

    How is there not a thread for crazy 80 series prices/ads yet? 99% Sure this sold for like $6k in oregon last year. LINKY
  11. Wompom

    craigslist  Spokane: 45/40 build

    Found via CL. Looks like some solid parts/good cheap way to start a build. Land cruiser FJ40 FJ45 parts for sale
  12. Wompom

    Wanted  96 FZJ80 Key Fob

    Looking for a spare key fob for my 96 80 series that has the RS3000. Can't tell if its my remote or system on the fritz. looking for a working keyfob to help diagnose the issue. Anyone rip out their system and still have the fob(s)?
  13. Wompom

    For Sale  Seattle: 80 Series second row seat storage box

    Got this from another member. Taking up space in my garage and need it gone. Will trade for other cool cruiser stuff or a decent offer. Fits 80 series. Replaces the passenger side of seats I believe and makes a nice storage box and flat space for a cooler, fridge or furry friend. Firmly mounts...
  14. Wompom

    80 Series Aftermarket Gauge Choices & Mounting Options

    With many of us going the @NLXTACY turbo route and many others with superchargers wanting to monitor their motors further it seems like a good time to start a discussion on gauges and options. WARNING: I WILL BE PUKING RANDOM THOUGHTS ALL OVER THE PLACE SO I CAN REMEMBER LATER. This is from...
  15. Wompom

    Rear hatch glass gasket?

    I've been trying to hunt down a weird leak I can't seem to trace back or find anyone else who has had. Not the typical wiper, brake light etc leaks. The interior lower portion of the gasket fills up slightly in the rain and slightly dribbles down the inside of the hatch plastic. Only the carpet...
  16. Wompom

    High Cabin Pressure Issue

    I recently have been noticing that when i have the fan on high it makes it difficult to close the doors, and i hear a squeal when i do. I noticed my A/C was randomly not working and dumped a can of R134a in to see if it was just empty. Seems i had a leak somewhere. The rear vents have a lot...
  17. Wompom

    craigslist  1970 on CL near Seattle, $2500

    No idea what is up with this thing, but it's cheap. The front end is making me scratch my head. 70 Near Seattle
  18. Wompom

    Stumped. 96 Randomly Overflows While Fueling

    Mud - Hope maybe of you can help me figure this one out. Last night I went to fill up the cruiser, was on low but fuel light wasn't on yet. Truck was warmed up, temp was about 35* outside. Pull up to pump, turn nozzle on, lock handle. Normally i'd pay better attention but had my girlfriend...
  19. Wompom

    Transmission Lag After Hard Braking

    1996 FZJ80 I noticed on a road trip a few weeks ago that after hard braking (almost enough to kick in ABS), the transmission seems to lag. I thought nothing of it until yesterday another Seattle idiot cut me off and i had to slam my brakes again to stop. The RPMs go up, then all of a sudden it...
  20. Wompom

    Wanted  Middle and Third Row Seat Belts Gray

    Searched and didn't find anything. Had to leave my doggo by himself in the car for an hour. His bone was too boring, so he freed both third row seat belts and a gallon of distilled water all over the car! (glad i have rubber mats) In Seattle, would like to have belts in case I ever need them...
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