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    Novice Needs Help!

    Here is a better version with more annotation:
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    Novice Needs Help!

    Blue circle is the carb sight glass - batwing shaped. You should see fuel half way up when the engine is running.
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    Novice Needs Help!

    For a huge leak I would be looking at the connection at the base of the carb, the vacuum lines at the intake manifold, the PCV valve connection, and the brake booster
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    Novice Needs Help!

    Get a mechanics stethoscope or a small piece of tube you can hold up to your ear. Places to check for exhaust leaks under the hood: 1. Seal between the exhaust manifold and the main exhaust pipe 2. J-Pipe to exhaust manifold seal (under the heat shield tin) 3. J-Pipe to the cooler (front of...
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    Has Anybody Used Seat Fabric From This Ebay Seller?

    This is a great find... the fabric looks very close. I am very interested to see it against factory seats... If it is a close match I am going to stock up. I have continued to beat on the factory covers and they are wearing out
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    noisy saginaw p.s. pump replaced reman'd with new

    The belt that Georg supplies is a duralast 17620... I have a FJ62 alternator instead of the stock 60 one (using an un-modified 60 bracket). Georg's belt was the wrong size for me so I purchased 5 or 6 different belts from autozone with the same width but different lengths until I got it right...
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    Intro of new member

    Welcome to the forum! Nice rig. I am soooo happy I no longer live in snow country.
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    Introduction and help seeking

    good you got the old stuff changed out... welcome to cruiser ownership. My driveline / transfer case gear set makes noise (kind of whines) but that has to do more with mileage on the truck. Since the vehicle is new to you, I suggest you inspect all of your coolant lines. If they are old /...
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    FYI - FJ paint job cost

    You got a great deal! It cost me close to $2k just to have my back hatch painted single stage plus some rust fixing under the mudflap. Got that done in preparation for my 4x4 Labs bumper. To paint the whole rig at that shop (single stage, no glass out) would have been about $6k. Maybe this...
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    Replacing thermostat

    The thermostat from Napa is the same as the OEM one - at leas the ones I have purchased there in the past...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    There is a fuel tank recall for FJ60s. Check your vin with Toyota and see if the recall has been done. If not, the dealer will put in a new tank for you. Do a search - there were some recent threads on this subject.
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    Clutch bearing type noise when pedal is out, both in neutral and in gear

    I had a noise like that and it was the clutch release fork contacting the throwout surface. The spring that brings the fork back into position was broken (spring that is on the slide of the clutch slave)... You might want to check that for an easy peasy fix.
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    Novice Needs Help!

    Definitely replace that hose and any others that seem rotten/suspect. Not all of the original hoses are available from Toyota anymore, but I have found I could get the substitute ones I needed from napa. Keep the original around if you buy Napa hoses as you will have to trim them to fit. Once...
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    Waiting on tire install

    I have 33x10.5 BFG on my truck and I think they are about perfect. The bead is tight against the rim. You will have fun gettin the air pressure right. The center of the tires will wear out faster due to the fact that the OEM rim is not wide enough for them, but the saving grace is the tight...
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    LRA fuel tank - Any buyer's remorse?

    My cruiser is sitting at Valley Hybrids right now for a 4x4 Labs bumper install and a LRA tank. I have spent too much time out in the desert where you are 50 miles from gas worrying about my fuel levels (ie Death Valley, Anza Borrego, etc.) This should fix the problem. Going into death valley...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    A/C is a whole other ball game and a non functioning system could be many things. Get your cruiser running right then worry about the A/C system. Denso compressors are still available. Quite a bit of diagnosis is required to figure out what is going on there...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    The fitting for the pressure tester will not allow fluid to go to the overflow bottle - so that is not a concern. The pressure test is done with the engine off and stone cold. You fit the adapter onto the radiator and pump it up with the pump. If there are any leaks, you will see coolant...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    One more thing - if you do not get something obvious from pressurizing the cooling system, then I would use a chemical block tester for the cooling system (you can get one at napa) to see if you are getting any emissions gasses that would indicate a head gasket leak. If you have compressed air...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    To pressure test the cooling system you do it from the radiator not the overflow bottle. You remove the radiator cap (when cold) and pump the system up to about 13psi. Any leaks should reveal themselves. You can use a tool like this: MityVac MV4560 Agreed that you do not want to run these...
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    Novice Needs Help!

    You can check my thread on head removal for what is involved in getting the manifold on / off... just skip the part with removing the head :bang: Carburator / Manifold / Head Removal Since it is a "new to you" truck, once you get the fuel issue sorted, I would do a complete tuneup and perform...
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