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  1. RobW0

    Interesting new product from Garmin

    Garmin has entered the field of accessory switching. This could be a nice product for some. I have not looked at all of the specs on it yet, but it does look interesting. Price does not look bad compared to what it is competing with, I think. Garmin PowerSwitch
  2. RobW0

    Events/Trails  Cruise Moab, Who is going?

    Is anyone going to Cruise Moab 2021? I will be going this year. I was really looking forward to going last year. Most likely will be camping in the Old Spanish Arena.
  3. RobW0

    LINX 1.6 Firmware Update.

    Has anyone else, who has a LINX system, updated to the 1.6 firmware? If you have not, you might want to wait. If you have, are you having any issue with you system. The problem I am having is that the main unit does not talk to the display anymore unless the the engine is running. I talked to a...
  4. RobW0

    Question for other members with LRA tanks.

    I have a question for other members with LRA tanks. The question is, how much fuel does your tank take when you fill it up? I have a 12.5gal tank and have filled it up 7 times and can only get 11.5gal in the tank. When I transfer the fuel to the main tank it takes about 20 mins and I let it go...
  5. RobW0

    Grandpa's new Land Cruiser.

    My new Land Cruiser is look more like a Mom Mobile than Grandpa wants to have fun cruiser. Just took delivery last Friday and heading to Memphis, with the two of the granddaughters, this weekend. Should be a fun trip.
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