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  1. Estancio

    No Headlights

    For a week or so, my 24V BJ70 only had the right side headlight. Last night neither worked at all. No low beams and no high beams. All other lights function perfectly fine when switched on. HELP!
  2. Estancio

    BJ71-24V Fuel Tank sender - part number?

    I've been having trouble with my fuel gage in the past year. Dash gage registers 0 when the tank is filled, but about half way through the tank of gas, the dash gage starts to work properly. It appears to be the tank sender and not the dash unit, but I'm not certain. It might also be a...
  3. Estancio

    Deep cycle Marine batteries in BJ70?

    One of my Optima Red tops just died and I am looking to replace the pair in my 1987 BJ70 with 24volt system. This was my 2nd set of Optimas. First pair lasted 12 years, and this pair lasted only 8 years. Prior to that I used Toyota wet cell batteries which only lasted 5 years per set. I am...
  4. Estancio

    Hi beam intermittent

    The HI beams on my 1987 BJ70 (24V) have become intermittent. If the dip switch is set to HI beams, the lights do not come on when switched on. But if I flick the dip switch to LO and back to HI, all works fine. If the dip switch is set to LO beam, all lights up fine without trouble. Could this...
  5. Estancio

    BJ70 24V starter

    The original starter on my 1987 BJ70 gave out 2 weeks ago. I searched for replacements and parts and ended up with 2 starters -- one new and my old one rebuilt. I did my own rebuild as it only needed grease in the motor bearings and a new solenoid kit (contacts and plunger). The rebuild was...
  6. Estancio

    Low oil pressure on startup

    1987 BJ70. 3B engine. 467,000km on engine. In recent months I have noticed low oil pressure during startup. It has been slowing getting worse in the past year. There was nothing that really happened, I have just become more and more aware of it recently. The needle hangs at the bottom for 5-15...
  7. Estancio

    Mystery noise from BJ70

    OK, I'm sure someone on this forum can help... My 1987 BJ70 (465,000km and mostly original) has developed a low pitched rhythmic noise that comes on about 50mph (in either 4th or 5th gear), subsides by 55-60, and appears again at 65mph. It is a steady noise like a pulsing, droning sound, and at...
  8. Estancio

    3B BLING

    Tried to get the original 3B engine sticker that goes on the valve cover, but it is no longer available. So I designed and had a custom name plate made instead. Loving the new 3B bling on my 1987 BJ70 named "Sparky"
  9. Estancio

    Diesel engine oil rating

    A few days ago I went to buy Mobil 1 synthetic 10W30 for an oil change in my 3B engine. Have used it for a decade as it was one of the few rated by API for diesel engines. Surprised to find the CF rating had been dropped. So I emailed Mobil oil and here is their reply: "The API "CF" is...
  10. Estancio

    NEW for SALE: K&N Air Filter

    New Old Stock. K&N Air Filter. Part Number A060A8. Never installed. For many Land Cruiser applications. Replaces Toyota Part # 17801-68020 and # 17801-61030. Size: 5-3/4" high x 6-1/4" outside x 4-1/4 inside diameters. Bought for ex-wife's 1981 60 series Cruiser, just before the breakup and...
  11. Estancio

    Heat insulation for floor

    My BJ70 does not have AC, so in the summer months the engine/trans heat really builds up thru the centre tunnel. Gets very hot to the touch after a few hours of driving as the original carpet underlay is thin and is more padding rather than insulation. Planning to strip it and put in some heat...
  12. Estancio

    Part number for 24V auxiliary fuse block

    Does anyone have the part number for the under-hood auxiliary fuse block that is in the 24V BJ70, and probably in the 24V HJ60 also. Canadian models. Located on driver side in front of the battery in the BJ. Is intended for adding 24V accessories. Cannot find this part number online nor at USA...
  13. Estancio

    Brake drum set screw

    That small phillips-head set screw on the rear brake drums -- its a nuisance to me, even though I do have an impact driver. Every year I pull the drums, clean, check shoes, lubricate critical points, and what a pain to get those screws out. Two questions: 1. Is it really needed? With 6 lug...
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