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  1. 1meancruiser

    Urgent question for installation of Sumo under drive gears in the transfer case of a 2006 Land Cruiser 100 series!

    Guys, I purchase Sumo transfer case gears for my 2006 land cruiser 100 series, to reduce the High gears in the transfer case by about 10%. I had a local shop who specializes in land cruisers install the gears in the transfer case. They have installed transfer case gears many times before. And...
  2. 1meancruiser

    A Question on gearing and tire size.

    I have a built 2006 100 with 136k mi. I have front and rear bumpers, winch, sliders and roof top tent all coming in around 650lbs. I’m running nitro 33’s with 1” spacers and Ironman 2” lift suspension. My LC drives great except for the occasional tow of 5k lbs (race car and trailer) to the...
  3. 1meancruiser

    How much can i tow with my LC 100?

    I have a 2006 LC 100. It's fully armored with the front and rear steel bumpers, sliders and a rooftop tent and i'm running 33 AT's. All the modifications are probably around 600 pounds. I tow a trailer with a track car a couple of times a year which weighs a total of around 5000lbs. i have...
  4. 1meancruiser

    Purchased and installed the BIOR rear bumper on my 100.

    I wanted to share my experience on the purchase and install of the 100 series BIOR Rear Bumper. I recently purchased and installed the rear bumper. After placing my order, it took about three months for me to get my bumper because Mike was backordered. I installed the bumper over the weekend...
  5. 1meancruiser

    SOLD  Front Runner Roof Rack Slimline 2, Southern California

    For sale is a front runner slimline 2 roof rack. It is in good shape, there are scratches from use. The rack will work on many vehicles, BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY THE RIGHT RAILS AND MOUNTS FROM FRONTRUNNER, OR BUY THE RAILS AND FABRICATE SOME MOUNTS. The rack is approximately 85" long, 53" wide...
  6. 1meancruiser

    Wanted  Land Cruiser 100 Dissent/BIOR/Slee Rear Bumper with Swingouts!

    Looking for a used rear steel bumper made by Dissent, BIOR, or Slee. Will consider other brands as well. Located in S Cal, will drive out of state or pay for shipping depending on the bumper. Prefer with swingouts. Please let me know, and email me for fastest response. Edwin
  7. 1meancruiser

    Wanted  Rear steel bumper for 100. S Cal or surrounding areas.

    Will consider most makes, preferably with tire and jerry can carriers. Email
  8. 1meancruiser

    Wanted  Rear steel bumper for 100.

    Will consider most makes, preferably with tire and jerry can carriers. Email
  9. 1meancruiser

    Ironman Torsion Bars

    Guys, I had my mechanic, who is a Toyota specialist, replace my stock AHC torsion bars with Iroman TB, springs and shocks. The issue I'm having is the adjustment arm and bolt for the TBs, hang entirely too low. He's gotten a couple of turns on the bolt, so they are in there tight. But the...
  10. 1meancruiser

    Replacing stereo on 2006 Land Cruiser .

    I've seen posts on replacing the tape deck stereo on 2006 Land Cruisers with the climate control/navigation combo. I can't seem to locate any threads on the search function and I thought I post a new thread. Can anyone share an experience They've had with replacing only the tape deck (not...
  11. 1meancruiser

    For Sale  AHC Components from LC 100 with 80k Miles!

    Bump with prices reduction below... Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 470 AHC Rear Coils and Front Torsion Bars. Rear Springs are 4 years old. $125 plus shipping. Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus Lx470 suspension control module (ECU) AHC LHD Computer. $140 plus shipping. It should work on Lexus...
  12. 1meancruiser

    Winch Steel Cable Repair

    I'm setting up a 400lbs winch in my garage, on the ceiling to lift and lower my roof rack when i'm not using it. I completed everything but needed to get an unnecessary bushing off the cable and when cutting off the bushing i snagged the cable line. See picture attached. it looks like i cut...
  13. 1meancruiser

    For Sale  LC 100 or LX 470 AHC pump, ECU and rear coils.

    for sale are these three parts. They are off of my 2006 LC 100 with 80k original miles. Coils Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 470 AHC Rear Coils | eBay AHC ECU Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus Lx470 suspension control module AHC LHD Computer AHC Pump Belt for ALL AR ACOUSTIC RESEARCH Turntable...
  14. 1meancruiser

    AHC suspension and a bouncy ride.

    I went on an outing in april of this year and the LC has not driven the same ever since. the trip was a tough trail with some rock crawling...On the trip i noticed the AHC fluid was low, so i topped it off when i got back. Otherwise, after the trip, i noticed a very stiff and bouncy ride. I...
  15. 1meancruiser

    Optima Yellow Top Battery Damaging Toyota Alternator?

    I had an issue with my alternator on an off road trip, i posted the trip detail on a another thread. I spoke to a friend of mine today who was a toyota technician for over 10 years. I told him what happened, and the fact that i was using a Bosch battery, i had my original alternator go out one...
  16. 1meancruiser

    Lessons learned from a disastrous trip through Frazier Park, CA

    A friend, with a 2010 FJ cruiser, and I decided to take Miller Jeep Trail through Frazier Park, CA last weekend. Four guys total, two in each truck. Our second time on this trail. The trail is rated as difficult and is not recommended for stock vehicles. I’ve been told it’s the toughest...
  17. 1meancruiser

    Really strong exhaust fumes on my 100.

    Guys, my LC 100 Has really strong exhaust fumes at start up. it's really bothered my wife and 6 year, for sometime now, as she gets dropped off in the LC in the mornings. It's reflective more of a carbureted motor then a ULEV fuel injected Toyota. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm...
  18. 1meancruiser

    Are you 2005 and 2006 LC rear tire light interchangeable?

    I have a 2006 LC and the rear tail lights is something I've never liked, just a matter of preference. Does anyone know if the 2005 and before and the 2006–2007 rear tail lights are interchangeable? Is it plug-and-play?
  19. 1meancruiser

    Wheel spacer

    I'm currently running 275/70/18. I'm thinking about adding these spacers for a more aggressive stance. I want the 1 inch spacer so the wheels don't move outside the fenders. I've seen...
  20. 1meancruiser

    Wanted  AHC pump or complete system

    I'm looking for the AHC pump for my 2006 Land Cruiser. I will take the entire system if someone has just taken off their Lexus or LC. Please email me, Thanks, Edwin
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