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  1. Jakes40

    CLCC Holiday Party

    We are finally having the Holiday Party! The Party will be at @Tikicruiser house June 10th beginning at 6:00 PM end at ???. The club will provide soda, burgers, hot dogs, grill and coolers. Please bring a dish to pass. Bring your own beer. please post up if you plan to attend.
  2. Jakes40

    Relic Run food for thought

    It looks like we are going to be fed Saturday and there is a pot luck Friday. Do we want to contribute to the pot luck? Maybe 2-3 dishes. I didn’t see a list for the pot luck to see what is available to bring. For Thursday do we want to do a group pot luck or fend for yourself? Please post up...
  3. Jakes40

    CLCC Monthly Meeting for May 5, 2021

    The monthly meeting will be held at Tikicruiser’s Tiki bar. Meeting will kick off at 7:30. Bring your own beer and food. if you need the address PM @Tikicruiser or myself and we will send it to you.
  4. Jakes40

    Gauging interest in a Sniper group buy.

    Getting ready to order a Sniper 2300 from EFI Systems Pro (I have heard great reviews for there tech support) and looking to see if there is interest in a group buy. If we get 5 People interested maybe get 5-10% off. They are selling the 2300 for $883. (For chrome just the sniper) let me know...
  5. Jakes40

    Rubicon alternative trip. VT and NH

    VT and NH over landing trip
  6. Jakes40

    Motortrend Car Fix has a 69 FJ40

    Car fix has a 69FJ 40 that they are putting a vacuum master cylinder on and front and rear disc brakes. You can tell they are not Land Cruiser guys using core spline axles and putting selector hubs on a drum brake front axle.
  7. Jakes40

    Christmas Tree Revenge!

    I can’t upload the video so here is a link to my Facebook wall. Chris Blowers Turn on the sound. It’s priceless!
  8. Jakes40


    Happy New Year! I hope your new year is full cool adventures, good times, and good people.
  9. Jakes40

    Club popup

    I just put a pole up on the private side to gauge the interest to get a club popup with our logo on it.
  10. Jakes40

    New St. John’s Rock ORV Trail and Campground to Open This Summer!

    Here is closer public land. I do not think it is open yet. But I will look throw there web sight a little more. Off-Road Vehicle Use on Maryland's Public Lands
  11. Jakes40

    Is this a good deal.

    I have a lead on a 2011 Lexus RX 450h with 72,000 mi. For $17,500. I am leery because it's a hybrid. I talked to @OTRAMM about battery. I should be able to get anouther 25,000-75,000 miles out of the battery. This will replace my wife's 2006 Durango so it an improve.
  12. Jakes40

    H55 install in @TRFCSUX 62

    Installing a H55 in a FJ62 with @Stumpalama, @TRFCSUX,@Tikicruiser , and @Jakes40
  13. Jakes40

    Picking up some square tubing Friday.

    I am picking up some 2" 14ga 25' long square tubing Friday for my daughters mini truck. If you would like some let me know. It's $25 a stick.
  14. Jakes40

    ? Gary's old pig ?

    Seen this on the toll road in Reston around 930 Monday night. Sorry for the bad text had to wait for a car to drive home alongside to get on a light
  15. Jakes40

    Lego's FJ40 needs your support!

    Delete this thread it's a double! I'm not sure what happend.
  16. Jakes40

    Lego's FJ40 needs your support!

    Go to Lego's sight below and Suport the FJ40 land cruiser they only need 4000 more votes!
  17. Jakes40

    Beno has moved on!

    Just found this thaught I would post it up to anyone who has not seen it. Beno has left Nelley's and is moving out on his own. His new contact info: Onur: 505.944.5081//
  18. Jakes40

    Fall Crawl Pictures

    I only got one picture from the weekend. If any one has some post them up please. And if anyone has one from my hill clime Saturday that would be great. I'd like to see the expression on my dad's face. One of the most challenging ones I've done yet
  19. Jakes40

    New addition to the family

    By daughter drover her new to her 87 mini truck. It was a rocky start and rocky finish. But not bad for the first time. Now it's off to the garage to start working on it.
  20. Jakes40

    Free shipping for Marlin Crawler this weekend over $40

    I am ordering an extra set of HD seals (to get free shipping) if someone wants a set. I will order more if you guys want them. They are $8.99 each shipping is typically $8.00 for a pair. Let me know. Or if someone is going to order something bigger I will give you the cash for 3 seals.
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