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    Parting Out Cleveland, OH 1982 fj60 parting out...

    I’ll see if I can find a picture of what it’s supposed to look like
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    Parting Out Cleveland, OH 1982 fj60 parting out...

    Hood lock support brace? (vertical piece of sheet metal that bolts in front of the radiator that keeps the hood latch from bending in)
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    For Sale  San Diego: Denso 150-2066 oil filters (the big ones, same as Toyota 15600-41010)

    Hey y'all, I've got 6 brand new Denso 150-2066 oil filters for sale. These are the same as the "big" Toyota filters. Had to order enough to make it cheap, selling them at cost for $6 each locally. I would entertain shipping them, but you can probably get them cheaper online if you wanna have...
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    Parting Out Parting out a 84 Red FJ60 with Brown Interior, Runs & Drives in New Jersey

    Hood latch support? (the vertical part that goes in front of the radiator and bolts under the hood latch)
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    Wanted  FJ60 thermostat housing assembly

    Putting the 60 back together, and realized that the thermostat housing was missing from the box of parts that I have...Anyone have one they're willing to sell? So-Cal (San Diego) preferred, but anywhere really is fine.
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    Parting Out 1985 BJ70 1986 BJ70 1986 HJ60 parting out Ontario

    Thermostat housing assembly?
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    Parting Out Parting out a 84 Red FJ60 with Brown Interior, Runs & Drives in New Jersey

    Thermostat housing assembly?
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    Thermostat housing assembly?
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    FJ60 Kaori Build Thread

    What adhesive remover do y’all use to remove the headliner / carpet insulation adhesive? Not the tar sound deadener, but just the foam.
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    FJ60 Kaori Build Thread

    Okay, got it to idle. Had to adjust the linkage that’s attached to the diaphragm thing, and now it will idle. I’m concerned about the oil distribution though. The rocker arms look dry, and while it’s indicating that there is oil pressure, it doesn’t look like the oil is being distributed...
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    FJ60 Kaori Build Thread

    I wonder if it could be an ignition problem? I doubt it since it starts fine, but I also don't know what is causing the problem
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    FJ60 Kaori Build Thread

    There's only 2 vacuum ports on the carb and both are plugged. Not sure where the leak would or could be coming from?
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    FJ60 Kaori Build Thread

    Trying to figure out an idle issue with the truck. I hardwired the idle solenoid open, but it just won't idle. Runs if I'm pumping the accelerator pump, but won't idle. Tried adjusting the idle screw and the mixture screw, but nothing. It's a brand new chinese import carb. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Parting Out Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Partout Laughlin Nevada

    Are you willing to cut roof sections on the 62?
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    Wanted  FJ60 throttle linkage

    Getting the carb set up on the FJ60, realize4 that I'm missing the throttle linkage components that connect the cable that comes from the pedal actually to the carb I need parts; 78105 78103 78103A and 78183 If anyone has these available to buy, please let me know! The ones on ebay are...
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    Wanted SoCal fj60 2f water pump pulley

    Thanks! PM sent for payment details
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