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  1. ReactionDT

    Lexus LX450 Body Moulding

    Anyone know a good source for these body clad pieces? A buddy of mine is looking at buying a 96 LX450 and the passenger front door body clad piece is missing. It’s the dark grey trim
  2. ReactionDT

    Stay away from 4WheelParts

    Just a heads up I would stay entirely away from 4wheelparts online orders. I placed a order June 15 with all items being "In Stock" was notified the 26th that the wheels I had ordered were back ordered. Only the wheels. I then received an email about halfway through July saying the wheels and...
  3. ReactionDT

    0mm Offset with 9 inch wide wheels @ 5" backspace

    Is there anyone running these wheel specs with a stock suspension? I have 265/70/r17 tires ordered and some wheels made by Black Rhino that are 17x9 0mm offset, 5" backspacing. I'm trying to find out if I'm going to have any issues with UCA contact without running spacers. Pretty sure the tires...
  4. ReactionDT

    GX470 Icon Suspension and Cabin Storage

    Is anyone running the Icon Stage 2 setup and what is everyone doing for their Cabin storage? Are there any aftermarket items that add storage pockets to the side of the center tunnel? I have the rear DVD and CD changer so my usual storage space is about full.
  5. ReactionDT

    New Owner 2005 GX470

    So I finally decided out of all the LC/Lexus variants that I wanted a GX470. I found this one owner and this is gonna be my stating platform! Right now it looks as if it came with 5 kids but hopefully soon I'll have it built! I'll start a building thread when I do!
  6. ReactionDT

    Looking at GX460/GX470s. Year models to avoid/models that are easier to modify

    Okay so I started out looking at 80 series and 100 series LCs. I'm now going to check out the GX models to see if they would fit the bill better. What kind of aftermarket is available for these models now and what all goes into them to lift them 2.5 inches and get 33s to fit? Are certain models...
  7. ReactionDT

    I need guidance from those with the knowledge of 80 vs 100

    First off I joined the forums a few days ago and there is an awesome amount of info here! I'm from north Alabama and I'm a Detective for the state. I'm provided a work vehicle that I have to drive 24/7 due to being on call so I put roughly 1-2k miles on my personal vehicle a year. I recently...
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