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  1. jason in tn

    Jason’s offroad adventure trailer build

    I have wanted to build a simple trailer dedicated to containing all my camping gear for several years, nothing fancy just something ready to go when I am. But my personality doesn’t work that way, keeping things simple just doesn’t happen, I tend to over complicate stuff, get big plans in my...
  2. jason in tn

    Live podcast at GSMTR

    I'm going to be recording a live show from GSMTR, but I need your help, with this being only my 4rth year attending the event I need you guys that have been going for years to help me out. I plan for this to be very lose, bring the beverage of your choice, hang out and tell stories kind of...
  3. jason in tn

    Live podcast at GSMTR

    I plan to record a live podcast at GSMTR, and I need your help. This is only my 4th year attending the event, but with the event being 25 years going I need people with a lot more memory's than I have willing to come on the show and share some stories and talk about the history of the event...
  4. jason in tn

    Monthly get together

    Ok so with my new position comes the responsibility of planning rides, with the lack of attendance of any monthly meeting but the interest in get together still talked about there has to be a way to make something happen. I'm floating this idea for feedback and thoughts. I want to know what you...
  5. jason in tn

    other projects in the shop

    I love my toyotas and spend a lot of time working on them, but I also have other intrests that I spend time on in the shop. I know from hanging out with some of you guys your the same way. I thought it might be nice to let others know what we are doing when we are not working on our toyotas and...
  6. jason in tn

    STLCA truck/4runner club thread

    Any 22re guru's around. I'm having a no start issue after pulling the injectors to clean them and replace the seals. It was running but missing on number 3 do to the injector screen being plunged, now i5 will fire for a few seconds and die, which points to AFM but all the tests I know to do with...
  7. jason in tn

    golden mtn trip july 12-14

    Planning on a trip to golden mtn, I plan on cooking for anybody there Saturday night. I'm not real familiar with the place so if somebody that's been there a few times wants to come out that would be great. Sent from my detachment from reality.
  8. jason in tn

    opinions on front lockers

    I am looking for some opinions on a locker for the front of my 97 runner. I know that ARB is the standard but has anybody had experience with a lock rite or other lunch box type locker in one of these diff. Sent from my detachment from reality.
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