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  1. woytovich

    Wanted  Stout Steering wheel

    Anyone out there have a Stout steering wheel to sell? Any of these styles will be fine although I would prefer the bottom one.
  2. woytovich

    Need a little help near KC

    I'm looking for someone that knows carbs that could look at an ALMOST running carb'd truck for me. It's a Toyota truck with an older GM engine. it runs for a few seconds then dies - I'm thinking fuel delivery issue.. I'm buying it and it would be much better if it ran to get on and off transporters.
  3. woytovich

    1996 2wd + manual trans FSM or other online?

    Looking for 96 2wd Tacoma (2RZ/5 speed) FSM etc online. In particular engine and wiring. Thanks
  4. woytovich

    Engine > stock Stout transmission adapter solution?

    Is there an adapter solution from a 20R, 22R, 2RZ or 3RZ to the stock Stout 4 speed transmission?
  5. woytovich

    Jobox sliding drawer unit?

    Thoughts on these as part of a build? Too heavy, too $$, just another option? Drawers
  6. woytovich

    Other than the blasphemy... (45LV)

    ...what do you all think about fitment and functionality on an FJ45LV?
  7. woytovich

    Famous Reading Outdoors?

    What's the scoop on Famous Reading Outdoors? Rocks-a-lot or mostly dirt and mud? mark
  8. woytovich

    Weld-on axle tie downs for trailering?

    Looking for real world experience info on weld-on axle tie down points - specifically on FJ60 axles. My 60 is full bodied on 38s. It is not overly heavy but it's not a chopped buggy either. I want to know if anyone have every seen or experienced any problems with using weld-on points (rather...
  9. woytovich

    Oil in intake manifold

    Here's where I show my ignorance of the 2uz engine. I pulled off the throttle body today and inside the intake manifold there was oil pooling a little bit. The engine is out of the truck and tilted front down a bit and the oil was sitting at the front of the manifold area maybe a teaspoon or...
  10. woytovich

    2003 4Runner v8 as engine swap donor

    I have an opportunity to pick up a 2003 4Runner with about 200k for $800. It cranks but is not currently running, owner says it ran then would not restart - I suspect it is something simple. In any case I wanted to ask if there was anything I would need to know about the 2003 era 2UZ/4Runner...
  11. woytovich

    H151 & Transfer Case wiring

    I'm looking for wiring info for an H151 manual 5 speed transmission & TC. Specifically these plugs...
  12. woytovich

    Removing oil pan, engine in truck

    Stout (Lite)... any advice on dropping the oil pan with the engine in the truck? It seems I'll need to disconnect the steering arms to get enough room. Is there any other way? And if not any advice on the least I'll need to pull apart to get it out? Mark
  13. woytovich

    3R head gasket part number

    Can anyone verify that these are valid head gasket part numbers for a 3R? TOYOTA 11115-40030; TOYOTA 11115-40010; TOYOTA 11115-44022; TOYOTA 11115-44010; TOYOTA 11115-44021; TOYOTA 11115-44020; TOYOTA 11115-44023
  14. woytovich

    Goopy mess under valve cover

    Working on this new-to-me Stout... trying to get it ready to start... Taking off the 3R valve cover I found this goopy sticky oil mess and it doesn't appear that oil is circulating. I'm wondering if the valves are stick or...? Is there any value in trying to clean this up in-place or should I...
  15. woytovich

    ID my rear axle: 70 series FF + Disc brake + parking brake

    So a few years back I bought this axle and I am finally getting around to cleaning it up and rebuilding it. It will, of course, be far easier to source parts once I am sure what it came out of. It is a full float 70 series rear with disc brakes (and parking brake) I'm going to try to dig up...
  16. woytovich

    Holley Sniper EFI 2300 sale - no affiliation

    Just saw this... good deal. Buy the rest of what you'll need from Mosley Motors. Holley Sniper EFI 2300 sale
  17. woytovich

    Distributor plug wire firing order

    Can someone please tell me the order for the plug wires from the distributor to the plugs?
  18. woytovich

    Stout Brochure

  19. woytovich

    Experience/opinions on Dometic CF25?

    If anyone can school me on the Dometic CF25... I have a chance to buy a nice used one local to me.
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