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  1. bcart1991

    Seriously chopped

  2. bcart1991

    Tembotusk Skuttle Grill kit

    Looking at one of those hard. Add a simple burner and you're cooking for cheap.
  3. bcart1991

    Factory Locker Switch for ARB Lockers

    Man, there has to be a dozen or so of us who have switched from BMWs to 4x4s. You, me, Kevin, Geordie, and several more that I recognize from back in the day. Lots of other guys from CA too.
  4. bcart1991

    Best Offroad Bike Rack.

    I think that's where a lot of the hot-button issues come up, pedal-assist vs. throttle. I have been buzzed by (I assume) throttled e-bikes going 25+ on the local rail-trail, and have seen a couple in my neighborhood (neither rider pedaling). Neither of those belong on a dedicated MTB trail...
  5. bcart1991

    Factory Locker Switch for ARB Lockers

    Who let you in here?!?
  6. bcart1991

    Buyin', Sellin', and Tradin'

    Damn, '90s SUVs are "vintage" now. I'm officially old. I might see if the boys want to venture out this weekend. Also, if anyone has a need - I still have the hard transmission lines for a GX470 (might fit 100-Series also, not sure). Will trade for a 12-pack of decent beer.
  7. bcart1991

    Return of the JEDI

  8. bcart1991

    Best Offroad Bike Rack.

    Yes, you're right. In my 25 years of MTB and road cycling, I definitely have no clue what an e-bike is. Motorized bikes don't belong on dedicated MTB trails, period. Other off-road trails - fine, but please stay off non-motorized trails. <--- Sometimes wishes he wasn't so cheap and would pay...
  9. bcart1991

    Post up what you pedal

    I just did that with a 2nd-gen Scalpel. If there's enough room in the rear, definitely do it. The Scalpel is an absolute rocket with the 27.5, lefty, and 1x setup, and just sold it to a buddy (I may regret that...). I'll post up some picks of my harem in a bit.
  10. bcart1991

    Best Offroad Bike Rack.

    Please keep the e-bike off the dedicated MTB trails. My 4-spot Hollywood rack that I got off FB marketplace for $100 does the same as the $$$$ other racks. It's heavier but it does the job. No matter how you mount them, some part of the bike is going to be exposed. You can also get the...
  11. bcart1991

    Climate control question

    Might need Techstream to change it.
  12. bcart1991

    Hitch-mounted hammock stand?

    Yeah but when folded it's not that big. Keep it in the cargo area when not using it. If you're not in a mosquito-laden area, this would be a nice alternative to a tent set-up. You could even work up a bug net if you're feeling frisky.
  13. bcart1991

    Newnan GA Land Cruiser Meetup (back on a year later) May 8th...

    It's the work part that I can't get out of...
  14. bcart1991

    Newnan GA Land Cruiser Meetup (back on a year later) May 8th...

    Between here and my MTB people, it's like y'all look for my Saturdays that I work to plan these...
  15. bcart1991

    ACC Garage Family Reunion, May 14-16, 2021

    I could be down if it fits my work schedule. Might have some work finished on the Cruiser by then lol...
  16. bcart1991

    RIGID Flush Mount Pod Install in Front Bumper

    Nice work.
  17. bcart1991

    Anyone local done an 80 Series seat swap?

    May end up getting some Amazon seats and Planted brackets. A little more but seems like an easy fix.
  18. bcart1991

    Anyone local done an 80 Series seat swap?

    Probably not welding in the short term, Looks like the feet aren't flat/horizontal but might not be horrible to adapt. I need a bigger shop/garage... If I get these cheap enough, I'll look in to planted brackets. They're pricey.
  19. bcart1991

    Anyone local done an 80 Series seat swap?

    I'm looking to swap put my tired and torn seats, heading to look at a set from an WRX this week. It *seems* fairly straightforward as far as measuring up for some homemade adapters and the seats are manual Any insights or tips to make it slightly less painful? Or if anyone knows a seat that...
  20. bcart1991

    05 Sequoia FJ80 axles

    If you don't want the 80, I'll take it.
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