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  1. jefo13

    TRD cold air intake

    So you got the one that replaces the stock box?
  2. jefo13

    2021 heritage suspension

    yeah, rears, sounds simple enough. If it was only that simple to adjust the perch settings on front 6112 Thank you
  3. jefo13

    2021 heritage suspension

    Good read, I’d figure this would be a good place to ask. How do I change springs? I’ve seen lots of instructions out there but all include shocks swap too which is obviously more complicated.
  4. jefo13

    Are the OEM UCA ball joints greasable?

    Ok and are they replaceable?
  5. jefo13

    Are the OEM UCA ball joints greasable?

    I have grease stains right below them and I’m wondering if I need to re-grease them? Don’t see any zeros though…
  6. jefo13

    For Sale Old Man Emu 2721 Rear Springs

    PM sent
  7. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    A year ago, took a few weeks
  8. jefo13

    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    I love the Wrangler Duratracs, they are not very loud and perform excellent in snow…
  9. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    I’ve got mine from them too, legit outfit…
  10. jefo13

    So Cal 200 Owners?

    Orange County
  11. jefo13

    34s vs 35s on the 200

    What measurements do you have from center hub to fender? I’m curious about 2721 springs since ARB lists them as 0” but they seem to give proper lift for stock LCs (no bumpers, no drawers etc)
  12. jefo13

    TRD cold air intake

    Somehow they claim dyno gains
  13. jefo13

    SOLD Georgia: ARB OME 2721 721 Springs

    Did you ever get rid of them? When you had them how much lift were they giving you and how was the ride? Thanks
  14. jefo13

    TRD cold air intake

    Looks like this one is best bang for your buck… $100 less, retains factory box (less noisy I assume) +10 HP + 11 Torque - the other one is similar but you get 7 more HP for the extra $100 K&N 57-9040
  15. jefo13

    TRD cold air intake

    K&N does make one for the 200 K&N 63-9040
  16. jefo13

    Talk me out of a 4Runner TRD Pro

    Rest truck, everyone has one… LC great truck very few have one….
  17. jefo13

    Tie Rod Boot?

  18. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    Ouch, good to know though
  19. jefo13

    Bilstein 6112/5160 Installed

    I think a quick tutorial on ride height adjustment without removing parts is merited… Nice rig!
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