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  1. greenscobie86

    Mission possible. (Salvaging a totaled GX)

    Thanks @IwantPrado I'll try to keep everyone updated on how the coatings fare in the future. :D Did a thing... Apparently the right front caliper was essentially seized this whole time, wore through the pad and caused a slightly noticeable vibration in the steering wheel I chose to ignore for...
  2. greenscobie86

    470 with pristine interior but rust

    Rust isn't terminal like folks on here have said. Although the seller is smoking crack asking that much money. If it was a cheap truck I'd snag it up, some rust coating/fluid film/paint and enjoy.
  3. greenscobie86

    best place to buy bumper cover and trim?

    I bought an aftermarket front bumper cover on eBay. Quality was so so, definitely recommend finding a used OEM one if possible.
  4. greenscobie86

    05 GX470 high idle at cold start

    Every Japanese vehicle I've owned does this. High idle ~1500RPM or so for a few minutes and then a gradual decrease once engine coolant temps begin to rise.
  5. greenscobie86

    2003 gx470 recovery

    Looks really good! How are you liking the tires?
  6. greenscobie86

    Thoughts on 2009 GX 32k miles.

    I'd go for a 460 at that price personally.
  7. greenscobie86

    Display and Rear Camera replacement

    Not sure on a "better" screen replacement as the factory one is integrated into the MFD and has a lot of proprietary plugs. I came to this realization when I tried to replace a cracked digitizer on mine... (2004MY) As far as rear cam replacement, thats not very hard. You can buy a new 6v(must...
  8. greenscobie86

    Mission possible. (Salvaging a totaled GX)

    Got the wheels mounted/balanced/installed. Absolutely love the look/feel of the GX now. The ride is just as good as before but the wider stance makes the truck feel more sure footed. A huge improvement in the looks department as well obviously. While I had the truck in the air I chose to...
  9. greenscobie86

    ML amp cutting out - United Radio tested and no trouble found - Possible speaker issue

    I'd probably just pull the door panels and ohm out each speaker to see which ones are failed/etc. You'll be able to inspect for torn cones and other damage as well at the same time.
  10. greenscobie86

    Mission possible. (Salvaging a totaled GX)

    Update: I've become somewhat annoyed with constantly noticing my peeling wheels and narrow stance, so I finally bit the bullet and got some OEM Toyota TRD wheels. Pretty excited to mount/install them! Was really considering other options, but since I'm re using my Michelins for now this was a no...
  11. greenscobie86

    Cracked Dash Repair

    Thanks for the review! @NorFla Nomad I saw Cructhfield Clan on youtube install a coverlay dash onto a GX recently, and quite frankly wasn't hugely impressed. I think I'll probably save up, pick up an OEM dash, and do the work at some point. 🤷‍♂️
  12. greenscobie86

    Odd Drone Sound 2009 GX470

    Same as @SteveH Right front bearing took a dump without making the wheel hotter than others, or odd driving characteristics, just growling noise. Very easy to replace IMO, a new Koyo bearing from eBay did the trick.
  13. greenscobie86

    Talk me out of buying a GX 470...

    I had strictly FoMoCo products before coming in to the 120 platform. One 1st Gen. Ford Expedition and 2 Ford Excursions. Nice trucks in their own right(especially the Excursions) but not on the same playing field as the GX. Honestly the only thing I really miss is having rear heat v just rear...
  14. greenscobie86

    Lexus GX470 Passenger side interior rain leak

    I had this happen on the passenger side. Used a trick with hedge trimmer wire(made of tough plastic) and sent it down through the sunroof drains on each side of the truck. Completely fixed my issue. Look for the drains on the left/right most front corners of your sunroof tray.
  15. greenscobie86

    New 06 gx470 owner

    Welcome! Nice truck. Can't help on the suspension question but I'm sure someone will chime in.
  16. greenscobie86

    Hood Damage

    See my build thread HERE. I could not find a good/affordable used hood, mail order non CAPA replacements were not my idea of a good time so I decided to save mine. While my damage was not as bad as yours, your hood might be salvageable? An assortment of: hammers wood blocks body dollies pry...
  17. greenscobie86

    Instrument cluster back lighting dim out around 10mph SMD LED 2003 lexus gx470

    Awesome! Subscribing. :popcorn:
  18. greenscobie86

    Instrument cluster back lighting dim out around 10mph SMD LED 2003 lexus gx470

    Mine is dim too right in the same area of the speedo. Watched the YT vid as well and was at a dead end similar to you. This is something I'd feel comfortable doing myself if I knew which bulbs/SMDs fit :)
  19. greenscobie86

    Rust on used vehicle

    I went with Corroseal and then plain fluidfilm(after a few summer months of letting the Corroseal dry/cure)
  20. greenscobie86

    Rust on used vehicle

    I went with the instructions for Corroseal(the product I used) which is essentially: - remove loose rust with wire brushes/sanding discs/grinder - clean surface - apply product - paint/etc
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