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  1. DKW

    Water wetter

    Has anyone experienced replacing coolant with water wetter? My 96 33" with Toyota red, with clutch fan mod seems to be running a little warmer than last year, up to 196 Deg (max) with AC in Florida sun. My buddy flushed his Landrover D1, and replaced with water/water wetter and saw a 10 degree...
  2. DKW

    Unable to pump at Gas station

    Tried 3 pumps at the gas station and the nozzle just clicked after about 0.2 gallons. At another gas station I had better luck, but I had to almost had to massage the fuel in. Maybe this is a symptom of a bad cannister? I do have some whooshing for a few seconds and can smell gas sometimes in my...
  3. DKW

    compressor Idle pulley bearing

    I'm in Florida so most of my offroading is swamp wet/dry sand and water in general. I am finding that my compressor idle pulley bearing doesn't last long before getting noisy, i would guess I need to change it every 800 miles. I replace with :- NACHI 4 Pack 6301-2NSE9 Bearing 6301-2NSE Seals...
  4. DKW

    Brake caliper pin slide thread

    hello all. Does anyone know the thread size for the pin slide on the rear calipers. Need to clean up the female side, looks like m14, but I don't have a tap or fastener to check it. TIA
  5. DKW

    Bottle jack recommendations

    Any recommendations for a bottle jack that fits in the original location. One with a saddle preferably removable. I'm on 33" tires and 2.5" lift. But I always have wood blocks with me to help reach. Currently have a harbor freight with a 1" head. Used it many times but quite wary of it (because...
  6. DKW

    Heat shield

    Hello all! My spare tire is about a 1/2" from my exhaust the OP fitted. I will check later how hot it gets there and for now spare is in the back seat. I have deflated tire to make it as small as possible, next step would be strap it to deform the tire to keep it away from exhaust, but that...
  7. DKW

    Different spare tire diameter, auto locker

    hello all My spare has is a different manufacturer and slightly worn, so is around 1.5" less in diameter than my new tires. I will also soon have an auto locker fitted. there are a number of reasons I do not want to bore you with on why I don't get a new spare, but that would be a last resort...
  8. DKW

    Seatbelt bolt thread

    Does anyone know the size of this thread? I never had third row seats, but I think it was the seatbelt for them. I tried a standard pitch M12. Maybe M12 fine?
  9. DKW

    Spartan install soon

    Hoping to install Spartan locker soon. Just received the parts and the instructions. I find that the instructions refer to several diff types, but none of them are identical to a 1996 Landcruiser, so I have read through for all, and I think this is the procedure below. I am hoping for those that...
  10. DKW

    Light cluster

    Hi all Should there be a light on in the gauge cluster when the low beam lights are turned on?
  11. DKW


    Hello all I am overthinking it, but work is slow.... I need some split washers to replace flat washers on my 3rd. they are M8 I think. Also I may buy some others bolts, etc in various sizes for spares. When you look on Amazon there are many washers and bolts to chose from, all really with...
  12. DKW

    Rpm/mph on stock 4.11

    Happy Labor day everybody! I have only ever driven my 1996 land cruiser, no others to compare. But I want to confirm I have stock gear ratio, 4.11.. On 33s, does anyone have an rpm/mph reference, or know stock Transmission ratio so it can be calculated. Also are there any issues putting an...
  13. DKW

    Fusible link photo

    PO changed the fusible link wiring, so i am replacing the block and link. I can see how it connects to the battery, but i cant find a photo of where the 3 cables come from. I have 2 cables coming out of a sheath that go to the block, and a third green cable that is via a solid connector goes to...
  14. DKW

    Wanted  Manafre 2" drop bracket

    Manafre 2" drop bracket with bolts, or description of bolts. Thx
  15. DKW

    96 fzj80 front diff lock actuator source

    Hi all Does anyone know a good source for a new or refurbished front diff actuator? Dealer price is quite high. I did buy a new AISIN Sat-002 and could only get it to cycle once so had to return it. Hoping the OEM is different or i got a bad one. If the aisin is identical to OEM then i will...
  16. DKW

    Aisin front locker SAT-002 actuator

    Has anyone had any issues with the aisin aftermarket locker actuator? I broke my oem locker which has run off a 12v guy harness for a long while. So bought the aisin aftermarket replacement. i connected to my wiring (6 pin, 5 used) plug to test, and it moved to unlock position and now will not...
  17. DKW

    Front locker removal

    I have a front axle with locker (no rear) so i connected it with an after market wiring harness (12v guy). It has recently stopped working so i have been troubleshooting. The fork position switch shows continuity in both positions, and i think that is not normal? so i think something is going on...
  18. DKW

    Best tent T4 size

    Hi all. I have the Gazelle T3 but its a bit small for intex blow up matress, length wise. The Gazelle T4 is ideal size but too large packed size. My question, can anyone recommend a T4 sized tent but with smaller packed size, similar quality and quick assembly would be good. Hopefully...
  19. DKW

    Throttle cable sheath/cover

    My throttle works perfectly, but the sheath is flaking off. Has anyone found a way to recover this, taped over it, or a small hose, etc. I know i can replace the whole thing for just over $100, but just wanted to see if there are any ideas to extend the life of this one Thanks
  20. DKW

    Preparations for a Spartan Locker in rear diff

    Have decided to fit a rear auto locker, and the Spartan is easily available on Amazon and it looks simpler as no washers are needed - already have a factory locker on the front. I had a couple of questions for those that have done it. Replacement Oil. I have been using 80W-90 Valvoline gear oil...
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