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  1. Thatonedude

    Lx470 Ditch Lights

    Been thinking about getting some ditch lights for my 2006 LX470. Does anyone have any good recommendations as far as brackets and LEDs go? Also, what would be the best setup? What all would one need to get everything up and working? Thanks
  2. Thatonedude

    Wanted  LX 470 driver and passenger headrest in ivory (tan)

    Looking for both the front driver and passenger headrest for a lx470 in Ivory color
  3. Thatonedude

    Wanted  SCS F5 5x150

    Does anyone have a full set their willing to let go? Lmk
  4. Thatonedude

    2006 LX470 Purchase Advice

    Hi, all! This is my first post, so if I am posting in the wrong spot, I apologize. Well, I'm gonna try and keep it short and to the point. I'm in the market for a 06-07 Lexus LX470 with less than 150k miles. I am completely green (new) when it comes to these vehicles. I've browsed many threads...
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